YouTuber Crash-Tests iPhone 14’s Crash Detection Feature — And It Works

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YouTuber Crash-Tests iPhone 14's Crash Detection Feature — And It Works
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A YouTuber literally crash-tested the iPhone 14’s crash detection feature and found Apple’s new emergency SOS function to act reliably in the event of a controlled vehicle collision.

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regular gadget-smasher techrex Published a video today in which his team can be seen remotely controlling a driverless car that has an iPhone 14 Pro strapped to the headrest of the driver’s seat as they try to maneuver it into a stationary vehicle. Let’s try.

After a series of near misses and adding several more shabby road vehicles wallowing for an easy target, the remotely controlled car successfully crashes at low speed in what can be described as a typical fender bender collision. could.

After a short delay, the iPhone 14 Pro’s crash detection feature is activated automatically, and the phone initiates an emergency SOS countdown, which is manually canceled by the team before calling emergency services .

In the second successful attempt, the car hits the vehicle wall at high speed, freezing its hood in the accident. Again, Apple’s crash detection feature is reliably activated and then manually canceled by the team.

Although the results of TechRax’s tests don’t prove that the feature works reliably in real-world, non-controlled serious collisions, the fact that it activated as expected should give confidence to iPhone 14 owners who enabled the feature. keep.

During crash detection, the iPhone 14’s motion sensor along with the high dynamic range gyroscope and high-G accelerometer, GPS, barometer, microphone and advanced motion algorithms work together to accurately detect crashes.

Enabled by default, crash detection is supported on all iPhone 14 models, Apple Watch SE (2nd generation), Apple Watch Series 8 and Apple Watch Ultra.

(Thanks, Sonny!)

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