You will not inherit the land, but you will save it Listen to this article

You will not inherit the land, but you will save it.  opinion

Writer and archivist Teresa Ibars said that the landscape that identifies her is composed of dry people, exuta, both a Calvinist component of life, both “too ugly to subdue dry stone walls”. Maria Sanchez, who in addition to her position as a writer, adds a vet originally from Cárdova, confirms that her country is “ferrit”. It is adaptable to variable and climate emergency. Les Deuce Xerada showcases a formidable symbiosis as fans of MOT, the literary festival that swings between Olot and Girona and who is going to stop the Total Debate Passat. Quest is dedicated to MOT Camp. Axi, Emb tot el que hi cap, al camp. Widespread and cosmopolitan, passionate romanticism and virus and globalization are both possible. From Nuria Bendicho, Selva Almada, Mirren Amuriza, Olga Novo or Mica Rafecas Finn to Juan Bello, Pep Divins, Joan Todo, Joan Francesc Mira or Paolo Cognetti. The celebration was curated by Roger Vernet, editor of the club, Maria Bohigas, the editor of the club and cultural activist of Priorat and the instigator of several land-related initiatives—which will be related to the people. For Girona, on vaig veure, it will be full. Tot Andrecat in a precise manner, frighteningly and thematically, like Camp del Nord que a wedgeds hem enveget fosin als nostress. As if, for a moment, the desendreç d’ara does not intrude deeply into the conversation.

Fa dècades which talks about rural areas in Catalan literature. Sometimes it is simple that it is tingui to indicate malfianca or easy lufa: it is simple and the look is estrenny and it is mummified, but axu passa am el mon rural i am el sursumkorda. And it depends on who wields power over the gaze, who is interested in the easy loofah. Talk with Teresa Ibars and Maria Sanchez, dodge these dangers. The title of the service Gerada is “Heretar la terra”, but before starting, the fent-la petar—which is a method of sowing—decided that “Heretar l’amor a la terra” in Dioren. Certainly it is more accommodating. Gifts do not inherit property, but they are not inherited and transmit parables, experience, and order. The work of Teresa Ibars and María Sánchez tends towards gathering experiences and characters Axecker relates to Altres that Hieren is not, for reasons of gender and class. They are not feathers that one, with these authors both written or otherwise unknown, retains a domestic memory—I think of Maeva Via Amelia—that, they have saved. You have returned to this land of memory. I have served Adobe Per Nose Sickles, Per No Donor-Se Per Venkuda.