Wind turns Augusta Masters into a nightmare

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Wind turns Augusta Masters into a nightmare Listen to this article

Cheat day at Augusta Masters. The sun disguised as an evil enemy, a wind that whipped players, played with the flight of the ball and made the cards thick. No one escaped the typhoon that strained the flags as if they were sailing on the high seas. The pieces were falling. Sungje Im, Dustin Johnson, Sergio Garcia… bogie (or worse) leaping up the rankings one after the other. Under gusts of 25 kmph, the Masters turned into a nightmare.

From mud to air. Jon Rahm started the day this Friday in the middle of the pack, after a two-over par opening round in which Clay smeared his ball over four holes (5, 8, 10 and 11) and struck it with damaging effects on the wind. done under. It was time to row and row so as not to lose sight of the leaders, and Basque got out of bed in his overalls. Two consecutive birdies in the first hole changed the dynamics and expressions of his face. He was at peace with the field then. A clean slate in search of sensibilities that he did not get in his debut. The forced path of recovery that he had to travel on Thursday has now turned into a handful of opportunities to be discounted and reach the red numbers. In number three and number four, two Board from birdie They didn’t fall for a little finger. And then the real turning point began.

pair five

down at bunker A rocky path started on the fifth hole. Rahm spent one stroke returning the ball to the fairway and another Board Failed by a tab previously loaded with swampy The Basque of the day was closer to the version of the player who dominates all clubs, but Augusta was ready for no joke. lots of wind and greens difficult. The sunny picture was an illusion and any mistake was punished severely.

In the biggest trouble you also see the giant golfer who is Raheem. The ball had landed on the crest of the seventh hole which paved the way for an approach under the green that left the ball too close to the flag to a thunderous applause from Augusta. Another trip to the bunker took place at eight. As the round progressed, birdie options were fading away and the air looked more fleshy. More than one had to stop while hitting because in those conditions it was like playing Russian roulette.

The trees allied themselves with Rahm. twice. In the 11th his ball bounced off the branches and returned to the fairway when it looked like Augusta was swallowing it. Same in 13. a. in the middle swampy 12 o’clock, the heart of Amen Corner, after being out for a while bunker, Each hole was already a battle for survival. And in battle, Rahm is one hell of a competitor. Far from settling down, the world number two player gritted his teeth, setting his eyes on the cutting position. It was worth it to take some risks. The 14th hole that had given him happiness on Thursday was cut once again birdie, and in the next leg he confirmed that he had not found the key in par five: in only one of the eight played in two rounds, the second hole this Friday, he has signed four strokes. The rest, or worse. And to end, another hit on the 18th: bad Swing out and wrong Board Arrival, for the pair that day, +2 overall, then five behind leader Schwartzell and Im (-3).

Rahm explained, “The only thing that annoys me is that everything I have fought for ends up like this.” “I’m not comfortable with the tee, especially with the drive. Yet I see myself in battle. It is a good round this Saturday and I will be there”, he said.

Sergio García remains in the same fight, traveling less and more to continue in the trench. El Nio touched that glory when it won its first major, the Augusta Masters, in 2017. However, since he is wearing a green jacket, he has not raised his head in the tournament. He failed the cut in 2018, 2019 and 2021 (when he didn’t play in 2020 after testing positive for Covid), and this Friday he survived with two birdie End of a New Stumble: +2 overall. he got cured like this by a third swampy 11 in by sending his ball into the water. Since winning the Masters, Castellón’s man has not managed to complete a round under the pairing of Augusta.

Sangria does not know any name. First leader Sungjae Im signed two shots on par. Dustin Johnson, One Up. And Tiger Woods, who stunned the world once again with a return of -1 on his return to the official round of golf after 508 days, began the second round surrounded by Augusta’s whirlwind: four. bogie In the first five holes, his crop from the previous day was damaged and the cut was in danger. A storm passed by the masters.

Augusta Masters Standings.

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