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Feather nice hair, A 2009 documentary directed by South Carolina comedian Chris Rock explored the complexities of African-American women with their hair. He did it with caricature and jokes, despite the fact that according to the film, the matter is on collective taboo. With the hair of those women, not even half a joke, came to say Rock, who brought together representatives of different generations in this hilarious film about the political, social, economic and aesthetic secrets of black women’s skulls.

In a country where freedom of expression is sacred, last Sunday a comedian slammed another comedian for a joke about his wife’s bald head, either in Los Angeles or Philadelphia, the city where Will Smith was born. Downgraded from 94th Oscar Gala to Bad Dump. 53 years ago, an idol of African-American culture that, to millions of viewers from now on, must deal with the burden of contributing to the deadly stereotype of the violent and dangerous black man against whom he has been fighting for so many years. Black Lives Matter Movement. For all those who saw him lose his temper, or from home, a feast of digestion that was no longer healed and which would still bring a queue, was cut off. The academy’s initial laxity was corrected by opening a file on Smith on Monday that could lead to an investigation and any sort of disciplinary sanction. It didn’t take long for the actors, or their representatives, to react, with a statement posted on Instagram: “Violence in all its forms is toxic and destructive. My behavior was unacceptable and unforgivable.”

Full sequence of Will Smith slapping Chris Rock in the face

Will Smith’s wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, suffers from alopecia and has said on several occasions that she is determined to make the disease visible and normal, which affects many women. Despite this, Pinkett Smith was blown away when The Rock compared her to the bald Demi Moore lieutenant o’nilo, The unfortunate joke, which was not in the script, led to an embarrassing incident.

Two years ago, the University of Southern California (USC) canceled an exhibition dedicated to John Wayne films, accusing the protagonist. desert centaurs, by longtime John Ford which is a clear reckoning against the racist tradition of Westerns. The main argument for this allegation goes back to Wayne’s attitude when Marlon Brando won the Oscar in 1973. Saint And Apache activist Sachin Littlefeather came forward to reject the statue on his behalf. Littlefeather’s speech condemning the degrading treatment of Native Americans on film took at least six people to get Wayne down from his mind.

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On Sunday morning, the Smith family headed off to celebrate their Oscars after a speech filled with self-pity tears and delusional excuses that, unfortunately, bought many people in Hollywood and beyond. On stage, Will Smith showed a troubled and anxious face. An Enlightened Idol, who has won an Oscar playing the enlightened father of two other idols from the African-American community, shows his power (worldly and divine) in an unprepared way with outbursts of physical violence that have never been described as verbal violence. should not be linked to. “No matter how offensive, let it be “I was out of place and I was wrong,” said the statement yesterday that contradicted Smith’s poor justification on stage.

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Despite his apparent loss of answer, Will Smith celebrates his Oscar at the party Vanity Fair As if nothing, while The Rock was never seen (oh) his hair again. That festive image under the title of a company with a strong code of political correctness expressed the hypocrisy of a dishonest industry that knows only one flag, that of business.

It is hard to believe that such an unpleasant incident can be ignored in a world where nothing happens anymore. The damage done to the Oscars is irreversible, as what emerged at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles is the dark side of an industry unprepared for the many blows it will surely bring down to earth. A shameful show at a function that, in its obsession with attracting more viewers and new viewers, digs even deeper into a well of complete irrelevance.

Feather nice hair, Chris Rock claims every woman has the freedom to enjoy her beauty and this includes interior designer Sheila Bridges, a bald woman who has decided to show off her alopecia and not wear a wig. The comedian looks at her with admiration and says, “I want to look in the mirror and feel beautiful. Our self-esteem depends on our hair and it’s not affordable, and so much more for a black woman.” With these examples, it’s hard to guess the bad intentions of The Rock, whose rennet on the Dolby stage, by the way, was admirable. Whatever the case, it now remains to be seen which comedians will dare to open their mouths against the audience, who believe they have the right to censor, with slaps, even with their jokes.

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