White House tries to put out the fire that Biden said Putin couldn’t stay in power

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White House tries to put out the fire that Biden said Putin couldn’t stay in power
White House tries to put out the fire that Biden said Putin couldn't stay in power Listen to this article

The White House has been forced to qualify a phrase from President Joe Biden this Sunday that could be interpreted as a call to oust Vladimir Putin from power in Russia. During a speech in Warsaw this Saturday, Biden added his crop of words to a text penned by his team: “For God’s sake, this man [Putin] He cannot stay in power.” It was not in the script, White House sources have insisted, nor could it be interpreted as an invitation to overthrow the Russian leader, but should be read in a wider context. “The president’s comment was that Putin cannot be allowed to exercise power over his neighbors in the region. [Biden] He was not talking about Putin’s power in Russia, nor about regime change,” a senior official protected from anonymity.

But the clarification, minutes after the mess, isn’t enough to brush off the folly of foreign ministries – France and the United Kingdom immediately distanced themselves so as not to escalate tensions – or ignite the fire on social networks. The Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, had to come out with this Sunday’s remarks about Biden’s alleged coup intention. From Israel, where he is attending an important summit with several Arab countries, the head of US diplomacy has amended the dispute without deviating a millimeter from the White House official position drawn up earlier this month, That it only coincides for the Russians to decide who rules them.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken is visiting Israel this Sunday.Photo: Jacqueline Martin / POOL / AFP , Video: Reuters

“As you are well aware, and you have heard us say it over and over, we do not have a regime change strategy in Russia or anywhere else,” the head of US diplomacy reiterated this Sunday. “I think the president pointed out last night that Putin simply cannot be given the authority to wage war or engage in aggression against Ukraine or anyone else,” Blinken insisted.

Representatives from the US administration have launched this Sunday to cover the leak; Especially after the comments from French President Emmanuel Macron, about the inconvenience of Biden’s words. “No, as Secretary of State Blinken has said, the United States does not have a regime change policy in Russia. Period”, NATO’s US representative, Julian Smith, repeated in an interview on CNN, calling the remarks a mistake by the president, who had butchered his Russian counterpart a few hours earlier.

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In an interview with the France 3 network, Macron recommended both Biden and the Russian government to refrain from promoting the conflict “neither with actions nor with words” after the US president called Putin “butchered”. as described. The French president said he would like to lead the negotiations to resolve the conflict. “We must not fuel this conflict with actions or words,” the president reiterated before distancing himself from Biden’s statement. “I will not use those words,” he added during the interview. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov also criticized Biden’s language on Saturday. “A head of state must maintain restraint,” Peskov told the TASS agency. “Every time there is such a personal humiliation, the window of opportunity for our bilateral relationship gets smaller.”

There is a division of opinion about the phrase, and a multitude of interpretations: that it was a slip or veiled threat to the Kremlin, if not the emotional response following the refugees’ visit to the Polish border with Ukraine, many created. Take care of stress. While some Republicans praised Biden’s courage, others, more pragmatic, warned that his words could cause even more problems for Ukraine. Among the enthusiasts is former Democratic Mayor of New York Bill de Blasio. “Is Biden saying something controversial by calling for regime change in Russia? Not! Putin started the game long ago, not considering that Putin is bent on undermining the US election. It’s time to answer, Vladimir. Go ahead, Joe!” The former mayor tweeted.

According to the newspaper, Biden’s omission reflects his general confusion with the oratory – “the phrase was an example of the president’s sometimes ambiguous rhetoric”. Washington Post-against whom Fire Fighting The administration has not been able to do much in this matter. This isn’t the first time Biden has been betrayed by his subconscious or committed a crime. slip of tongue That the White House should do right. For some analysts, this blurriness will remain indelible this time around. “Getting Back from the White House” [respecto al comentario de Biden] Doesn’t look like it’s going to clean it up. Putin will consider this a confirmation of what he has been thinking so far. A bad omission that could increase the scope and duration of the war,” Richard Haas, chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations think tank, said on Twitter. In the same social network, Derek J., a university professor and analyst at the RAND Corporation. Grossman also judged the phrase negatively. “The net effect will further strengthen China-Russia relations. There has been a big change in US policy today and an even bigger mistake.”

For now, Bill de Blasio is left alone to clap.

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