When Ancelotti received Abramovich’s reprimand

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When Ancelotti received Abramovich's reprimand Listen to this article

Roman Abramovich and Carlo Ancelotti, when the Italian directed Chelsea.
Roman Abramovich and Carlo Ancelotti, when the Italian directed Chelsea.

A decade ago, then-Chelsea manager Carlo Ancelotti, after being knocked out in the Champions League quarter-finals by Manchester United, walked through the door of Alex Ferguson’s locker room at Old Trafford, and his face was cremated. So much so that the Scotsman thought he had suffered some family misfortune. But nobody. His whole problem was Roman Abramovich, for which he certainly condemned. To encourage your colleague, let’s coach Red Devil opened a bottle of wine, the Italian calmed down and when he went to his booth, the president was waiting for him there Blue In the midst of eternal silence. No one dared to speak, until Ancelotti himself began with a brief speech to disturb the atmosphere at the morgue.

That European night was, for practical purposes, Carraletto’s last chapter at the helm of the London team, his opponent in the Champions League quarter-finals and one of several benches in his extensive service record. two seasons (2009–10 and 2010–11) that began with titles (the league and FA Cup for the first time in the entity’s history); They turned later (without a victory in the second campaign); And that in their development they were almost always marked by a complicated relationship with the owner of the unit, the Russian tycoon, who did not take long to clarify that nothing was going to happen to them. Neither win.

This time the faces will not be visible. Abramovich has been shunned by the British government from Chelsea’s management due to his ties with Vladimir Putin and, furthermore, Ancelotti’s appearance at Stamford Bridge depends on a negative last-minute Covid result. However, memory is not erased that easily. A few years later, in his book quiet leadership, the current white coach devoted a large part of his explanation about his time at Chelsea to this coexistence. “There was no mediator, so conversations with him turned out to be unpredictable and I was not always ready to face them,” wrote Ancelotti, who, according to his version, preferred to avoid direct confrontations with the boss and “not to be aggressive. did not react aggressively. To consider it a “useless” strategy.

Conversations with them turned out to be unpredictable and I wasn’t always ready to face them

Carlo Ancelotti

The London club was his first experience outside Italy, after eight years on the Milan bench. He could have attended a course earlier in 2008, but his “terrible” level of English forced him out of the race in favor of Luiz Felipe Scolari. However, the Brazilians soon failed and were again approached by Ancelotti, who then agreed to sign and take a weeklong intensive English course in the Netherlands from eight in the morning until eight in the night.

Apart from language, at Stamford Bridge he learned that things were short lived outside Milanello’s home and realized a paradox that haunted him to this day: “They would have hired me to be nice and quiet with the players.” But when there is dissatisfaction it is very fair to say that there is a problem. If I win, it’s because I’m a cool guy. And if I lose, it’s also because I’m a quiet guy. How is it explained?”, he asked himself in an excerpt in this volume published in 2016, which is still ongoing. A reflection that then came from Abramovich’s request in the final section of the “sudden” and rendered dismissal, so that it would be harder with the locker room. Claim that he did not participate because he argued that he cannot (and cannot) change the way he is.

Terry, the dressing room with Lampard and Drogba, takes the Italian out to dinner and drinks the night of his dismissal.

Before these misunderstandings, the first thing the tycoon asked for was an identifiable team. “When I look at Chelsea, I don’t appreciate anybody,” the owner warned him, as Carletto later revealed. And the coach’s idea was to create a team with more authority to please the boss. The results of both these campaigns were more or less the same, though one thing remained certain: the president’s inflexibility as he slipped. The one from Reggiolo came from Silvio Berlusconi’s tackle, but Russian was another subject. Calls for order and accountability to Abramovich were constant. Often, each slip or nuisance was followed by a visit to the owner’s office or home, to give an explanation, or a booth attendance by the president himself. Even so, the Italian admitted, he was reprimanded after a 6–0 win over West Bromwich at the start of his second season.

Thus until that final point at Old Trafford (2–1, 3–1 on aggregate in the tie), where the current Madrid coach replaced Fernando Torres, having recently signed for Didier Drobaga in exchange for 58 million, who Scored the only goal. Blue, “What a waste of money, a total waste,” engrossed Alex Ferguson quiet leadership Recalling the episode with the Italian in the locker room.

As was the case with him later in his first season at Madrid, Ancelotti was clear that his punishment was written off after a bye in the Champions League. He didn’t tell her about it until minutes after the last meeting of the course, and then something unprecedented happened to him in his career. The old guard in the dressing room, Terry, along with Lampard and Drogba, took them out to London for dinner and drinks. They liked him.

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