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War party (cultural) | Culture
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(Foreword) A father explains to his 11-year-old son the story of Samson knocking down the columns of the temple to kill the Philistines. The child is not baptized but has seen the Newscast. At the end of the explanation, he summarizes: “That is, a suicide bomber.”

one. Cultural war is a pleonasm. There is no culture that is not the result of a war. Walter Benjamin said it like this: “There is no document of culture that is not at the same time a document of barbarism.”

two. The culture war is as old as Genesis: Cain (a farmer) kills Abel (a rancher). Empty Spain goes back to Paradise: condemned by God, Cain leaves the countryside to found the first city: Enoch.

3. To understand the culture of cancellation, there is nothing like walking through one of the emblems of Western civilization: the city of Rome. Headless statues to use the body with the head of a new Caesar, baroque palaces built with stones from the forum and pagan temples converted into Christian churches.

Four. When cancellation is cut off in the middle of the process, like milk turned into yogurt, we call it miscegenation.

5. When the cancellation is exercised by the powerful towards those below, we call it censorship. When it is exercised among the powerful, we call it History. History is slow. If it is very slow it is called actuality. It cost less to get Franco out of the pesetas and post stamps that of the Valley of the Fallen. No one protested the first.

All the culture that goes with you awaits you here.


6. How is this cultural battle different from the previous ones? In the technology. And in the place of fear. Podemos expressed it long ago in an ugly but very accurate way: fear has changed sides. Also humor. Hardly anyone would laugh at Harold Bloom today. funny of calling cultural studies “lesbian-Eskimo studies.”

7. There are, however, spaces clinging to slowness. For example, the language, which until now limited its inclusive character to the chapter on taboos and euphemisms (the one that made Castilian turn to Basque to prevent etymological evolution from leading us to call the left sinister). As the scholar recalls John Gil in 300 word stories (Espasa), the success of a neologism has to do with the favor of the majority of speakers and not with an untouchable essence: let’s say that at contestants from weekly misshapen They have a path left that they traveled a long time ago infants, a word, according to Gil, of no better “invoice” than a member. let’s write dark sounds a bit old man. cisgender entered the academic dictionary last December.

8. The superiority morality of the left – Christian residue – comes from its defense of those whom, for centuries, the right considered inferior. Cultural, social and economic defense do not always coincide. The class struggle does not explain everything. The same government that legislates today in favor of the civil rights of homosexuals may tomorrow launch a reform that brutally curtails their labor gains. The superiority The cultural movement of the left stems from the false identification between the artistic avant-garde and political progress. Neruda’s Stalinism provides many nuances. As well as knowing that Fritz Ertl, one of the architects of Auschwitz, was a student at the Bauhaus.

9. The cancellation of Woody Allen and certain artists is a commercial issue, not a moral one. The customer is always right and many of your customers are angry. They’ll get over it. C. Tangana can return to Bilbao. In fact, returns next week.

10. When the cultural war is overloaded with morality, it produces the same effect on the right and on the left: if the latter defend the right to divorce and the former praise eternal love, both take what the other has as if it were obligatory.

(Epilogue) Those who deny the cultural war are the same ones who deny the class struggle: those who are winning.

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