Vox believes a workshop to paint cunts to make female sexuality visible to young women “perverted”

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Vox believes a workshop to paint cunts to make female sexuality visible to young women "perverted" Listen to this article

A women’s sex education workshop in Soria called paint your full color, the drawing is conceived to show women about their genitals, which has provoked harsh criticism of Vox. Soriana’s Laura Marin, the originator of the Ole Tu Toto project, which makes female sexuality visible through representations of the genitals, was shocked when she saw it. A tweet from Juan García-Gallardo, the future Vice President of Castilla y León, making allegations against a poster announcing the syllabus promoted by the Soria City Council. “Soria needs support and investment, not sexual perversions,” the 31-year-old politician wrote. A response that did not appeal to Marin, which is for women to know their bodies “without sexual meaning, beyond the object of desire.” for men.

The 27-year-old from Soriana is still shocked by the extreme right-wing allegations, but appreciates the support of those who understand that this season revolves around sex education. This young woman from Alvega (3,500 residents) has been running Ole Tu Toto since 2000, which sells cloth bags or sweatshirts adorned with the symbol of a vulva, which she has tattooed on her wrist. The next step in the project was a theoretical-practical workshop “dynamic, a group to have a good time with” with the support of the Soria City Council, within a cycle of feminist meetings and planning for women. 16 years. Marin criticizes “the problem of the lack of female sex education” and wonders “why has it been made invisible and the vagina has a sexual meaning when it is just another organ.” Hence his eagerness to remove the sensual expressions from women’s bodies.

The workshop was raised in these words: “In our patriarchal world, vulva and female pleasures are invisible, so it is necessary to reverse this situation in a constructive way, allowing the issue to be treated more naturally in more social circles.” . entitled. How do we get it? We’ll share our experiences, beliefs, and learnings about the making of female sexuality and the relationship with our genitalia, and we’ll color the vulva tote bags To bring the subject to the street for a walk”.

In addition to disapproval from various provincial and national accounts of Vox, the president of the Soria PP and the Soria provincial council, Benito Serrano, also condemned the city council’s plan this Sunday: “I sit and wait for the second course to be scheduled. Let me paint some more. I don’t see myself represented in this feminism. I will be retrograde. I no want.” The former vice chairman of the board and now the civil attorney, Francisco Igia, instead criticized García-Gallardo’s attitude: “Painting the vulva on cloth bags may or may not be a worthy activity, but I think it should be perverted. cannot be considered sexual. Let’s see if you rule once and forever. That there are more serious things to do than to show your sanctity.”

In search of an example of what she believes to be this social ignorance of female sexuality, Laura Marin turns to a recent episode of the Sahara that fell in Spain a few weeks ago to dust and dirty so many cars. Many vehicles appeared with drawn genders “because everyone knows what they look like”, but this knowledge goes away when talking about female genitalia. This disparity between body knowledge is also latent, Marin believes, in feminine hygiene commercials that talk about periods without mentioning the color red, or in the fact that the social network Instagram is showing men’s nipples. Allows but not men’s nipples. “This is not politics, but a social conversation,” says this campaigner, who has been trained in sex education and studied the presence of women in social networks or advertising.

Gloria Urtsun, the head of the accompaniment of Soria’s (PSOE), doesn’t believe the responses either. “It’s malicious how they interpret a headline, they don’t understand that there’s creativity and irony and it’s irresponsible on the part of people with political responsibility,” criticizes Meyer. To him, the extreme right “imagines scenes from porn movies” believing that there is something sexual behind a course with no pretense other than holding on like a cunt. Hungama, considers Urtasana, “confirms that they are essential structures”.

The dispute, fueled by Vox, which in alliance with PP would control Castilla y León and take over the Ministry of Culture, has caused the image of Laura Marin to be broadcast in the virtual space Forecoach, something she calls “vandalism”. “Because it bothers me. Anonymous users have started to launch. Her environment has strongly supported her and the workshop paint your full color It already has 16 registered participants, following this debate many more women are interested in stretching this part of their body.

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