Video claiming iPhone 14 Pro users will be able to customize the tablet-sized cutout is unlikely to be true

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Video claiming iPhone 14 Pro users will be able to customize the tablet-sized cutout is unlikely to be true
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a viral video on twitter It is claimed that in the upcoming iPhone 14 Pro, Apple will let users choose between a large pill-shaped cutout at the top of the display or a pill-shaped and a hole-punch design to replace the notch. The video, although possibly reassuring, is unlikely to be true.

iPhone 14 Pro Pill Shape Video Alternatives
The iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max are expected to include two physical holes at the top of the display to replace the notch: a pill-shaped hole for the TrueDepth camera system and a smaller hole-punch for the selfie camera. Recent leaks have suggested that Apple will digitally merge the two holes into one by clipping off the pixels between them to create a larger pill-shaped cutout. Apple is reportedly planning to use pixels between the holes to display information such as the iOS privacy indicator.

a video that Originally Weibo. originated from Turns out that iPhone 14 Pro users will actually be able to customize the tablet-sized look on the upcoming high-end iPhones. The video shows a person toggling a setting that turns the pixels between two physical holes on and off, allowing the user to choose how they want the top of their iPhone 14 Pro to look.

The legitimacy of the video itself is highly questionable and is unlikely to be authentic. The video claims to show an early hands-on look at an actual iPhone 14 Pro device, but many aspects of the device shown in the video are clearly outside the scope we’ve been hoping for, including the actual placement of the tablet’s shape. Is. , bezel thickness, and more.

Regardless of the video’s legitimacy, it’s unlikely that Apple will give users a choice between two possible tablet-sized appearances. Like the notch on every iPhone since the iPhone X, the shape of the tablet will become an invariable aspect of the iPhone’s silhouette. Apple users are unlikely to adapt as a visual feature of the latest iPhone.

Additionally, a seemingly reliable source MacRumors Forums, which have shared lengthy details on the iPhone 14 Pro over the past several days, have said the option to disable the black pixels between the pill-size and hole-punch cutouts. not expected to be, That source initially broke the news on Apple using the pixel between the holes for iOS privacy indicators and the source behind it MacRumors’ Report on the upcoming iPhone 14 Pro Always-On Display earlier today.

Apple is expected to announce the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max during an event on Wednesday, September 7 with the tagline “Far From Out”. Along with the new iPhones, we expect an entirely new Apple Watch lineup, including a brand new Apple Watch “Pro”. Check out our guide to everything we expect to see at Apple’s upcoming event.

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