Vice President Yolanda Diaz visits Lula to promote labor reform and raise its international profile

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Vice President Yolanda Diaz visits Lula to promote labor reform and raise its international profile
Vice President Yolanda Diaz visits Lula to promote labor reform and raise its international profile Listen to this article

Former Brazilian President Lula and Vice President Díaz met at the hotel where they met in Rio de Janeiro this Wednesday.
Former Brazilian President Lula and Vice President Díaz met at the hotel where they met in Rio de Janeiro this Wednesday.Antonio Lacerda (EFE)

The first appointment of Spain’s second vice-president, Yolanda Díaz, comes on her visit to Brazil to accompany Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, who aspires to return to power in a few months as head of a broader movement to defeat the current president. . In elections, far-right Jair Bolsonaro. Diaz and Lula’s meeting at a hotel in Rio de Janeiro this Wednesday lasted about an hour and was devoted primarily to Spanish labor reform, which was endorsed on February 3. The former president of Brazil (2003–2011) considers her a role model for dealing with job insecurity if she wins a third time.

The Labor Minister and leader of Podemos plans to meet with Latin American leftist leaders, local trade unions and Brazilian businessmen on this three-day visit who will work to raise their international and national profile with their main project. He will also go to Sao Paulo. It is the second time Diaz is traveling to Latin America this month since on the 11th he attended the inauguration of new President Gabriel Boric in Santiago de Chile, whose victory is the greatest joy the left has taken in this part. world in recent times.

During the past few months, Lula has turned Spanish reform into one of the pre-campaign issues, starting with Brazil, which holds elections in October. “In the world, labor reforms curtail rights, but it has served to recover rights,” a Lula spokesman insisted after the meeting to explain that interest. After a reversal of the project’s approval last February – it went ahead because of two betrayals and a vote by mistake – it remains in force. Minister highlights strong growth in permanent contracts: 139% in February compared to February 2021, as stated to do an interview or balloon, One of Brazil’s main newspapers, which presents him as “the most popular politician in Spain according to a poll this month by the CIS”.

As Díaz explained after the meeting, “Lula wants to do something similar” to the Spanish Reformation. The Vice President has also highlighted Brazil’s interest in the distribution law and their willingness to “actively cooperate” with them. The Delivery Man Lula is an area of ​​great interest to the Workers’ Party (PT) as it is particularly large and very vulnerable.

It is important to Lula that the Spanish text was the result of consensus, months of negotiations between government, unions and the business community. Lula’s team highlights in a note that, according to the minister, “businessmen need to understand that a more stable, motivated and qualified workforce will lead to more prosperous businesses.” From his point of view, improvement also serves to increase productivity and boost the internal market.

Brazil’s left-wing leader has long been a favorite in elections, but in recent weeks the president, far-right Jair Bolsonaro, has begun to cut his gains. And, although none of them have made their candidacy official yet, it is certain that they will participate and they are the most likely pair in the second round.

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The PT’s founder, who presided over Brazil between 2003 and 2009, has highlighted that he has held a third meeting with Spanish government negotiators to discuss the issue. He accompanied Diaz in Madrid on visits to several European capitals late last year and later held a virtual meeting with the head of the Social Security portfolio, Minister Jose Luis Escriva.

Spain also pushed Brazil for the latest labor reform. This was approved soon after Lula’s PT was removed from power. indictment (removal process). Promoted by right-wing Michel Temer in 2017, it was modeled on changes to labor law promoted by Mariano Rajoy.

In any case, Brazil has not yet specified whether it wants to cancel Temer’s reform, modify it or simply replace it. Those details, if they come, will come later. For now, he is remembering the prosperity that marked PT’s mandate, when millions of Brazilians came out of poverty. The international situation was different and a boom in raw materials gave it a margin of maneuverability it would never enjoy again.

Lula knows that if he is elected president, one of the biggest challenges he will face will be to reactivate the economy and domestic consumption. Hunger has returned, inflation is above 10%, unemployment is around 11% (ie 12 million unemployed) and it has been years with minimal GDP growth.

Vice President Diaz’s visit coincides with a meeting of the Puebla Group, a forum of progressive Latin American leaders to which former President Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero belongs. In this framework, he will meet Fernando Lugo, the former President of Paraguay. He has also met with former Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff.

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