US government to investigate local download and web app restrictions on iOS

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US government to investigate local download and web app restrictions on iOS
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The National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) has launched an investigation into competition in the mobile app ecosystem.

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On behalf of the US Department of Commerce, NTIA is now requesting comments on competition in the mobile app ecosystem. The investigation was initiated by a executive Order July last year aimed at promoting competition in the US economy, improving competition, lowering barriers to entry and making recommendations to maximize user benefits. President Biden’s executive order explained:

The US information technology industry has long been an engine of innovation and growth, but today some major Internet platforms use their power to oust market participants, gain monopoly advantages, and collect intimate personal information that they profit from. can pick up. profit. Many small businesses in the economy depend on those platforms and some online marketplaces for their survival…

formal request for comment iOS is likely to come under scrutiny as part of the investigation, with questions related to the benefits of developing platform-independent apps compared to cross-platform web apps, how should web apps work on mobile platforms, its availability. Application distribution and other modes of transfer of applications. Particular attention is paid to iOS “unique barriers” that prevent users and developers from taking advantage of web apps, alternative App Store apps, or downloaded apps.

“The app economy is becoming a fundamental way that Americans interact with their environment,” explains the request for comment, “so it is vital that this market is strong, open, innovative and secure, and for penetration and growth.” without obstacles.”

Federal Register is now open for public comment About competition in the mobile app ecosystem. Information collected as part of the investigation will be used to inform President Biden’s contest agenda later this year.

Apple’s ecosystem is under increasingly intense scrutiny from governments around the world, including the UK, Japan, South Korea, the European Union and others, with global regulators’ apparent appetite to explore requirements around application portability and interoperability.

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