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UAB removes another professor from teaching, convicted of abuse of authority and sexual harassment

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The Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) has suspended a Hispanic philology professor from employment and salary for one year and two months for “abuse of authority” and obtaining “undue benefits” with his position as a public servant. Is done. The statement has been sent to the students. The Center removed another teacher convicted of sexual abuse by a Barcelona court last Tuesday. Esther Zapter, UAB’s secretary general, and Margarita Freixas, dean of the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters, explained the details of both complaints this Friday.

The sanction for the philologist will be implemented next Monday, according to the newspaper, addressing a complaint from a doctoral student for sexual harassment a year ago and seven more for abuse of power and workplace harassment. Now, The defendant can present the charge till today.

The UAB on Tuesday also fired a physics professor sentenced by a Barcelona court to 18 months in prison and nine months of disqualification for sexual abuse committed against another doctoral student between 2016 and 2018. That teacher had been teaching classes at the center since the publication of the revelation in February until this week. In fact, you can appeal against this judicial decision as the sentence is not final.

The first complaint against a professor in the Faculty of Philosophy was filed in March 2022, when the UAB protocol became active. The disciplinary file, which had been opened in September that year, was resolved on 17 February. The professor continued to teach during this entire period, except for the months of September and January for “personal reasons”.

Zapater has indicated that in the past two years the UAB has opened four disciplinary files for this protocol and that they are “open” to revising it, as it did last December. He has stressed that the process is open to the participation of the entire university community, including students. However, he regrets that there cannot be more “agility” in this type of case as the “current legal framework” does not allow it: “Our legal system allows one party to transfer any action to another allows and you have the right to claim. Legal times are insurmountable”.

Throughout that year, UAB directives affirm that they have not been able to separate the professor for lack of powers, but they defend that other precautionary measures have been implemented. Freixas elaborated that the syntax topic taught by the defendant was revealed to feature another teacher as an observer. The dean has claimed that, in his faculty of 4,000 students, “awareness” about sexist violence needs to be promoted, especially among those pursuing doctoral studies: “We have to make them believe in themselves. Let them see that the files are processed and there is a system of compensation for the victims.”

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Several representatives of the CGT union at the university have joined forces with one of the eight people condemning the professor. He has criticized the act after the act that “an active accompaniment” has not been done for this Hispanic linguistics degree student. “When she went to the UAB legal office to present evidence, they explained to her that if she refused they would interrogate the defendant or his lawyer. When she asked the university if they could implement any measures to guarantee her integrity, they did not respond”.

Barcelona’s Pompeu Fabra University opened a disciplinary file against a professor of pharmacology in mid-February after receiving complaints from four doctoral students.

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