TV3’s ‘Cagut del Sal’, The Metixa tours through various family branches

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TV3's 'Cagut del Sal', The Metixa tours through various family branches Listen to this article

TV3's 'Cagut del Sal', The Metixa toured through various family branches. Culture

To cagut del celle It is unfortunate that the conductor is per Poser-hi conviction after the total result. Roger Coma is a good interpreter (vegeu Com C Fos Ahiro), but it is impossible for us to believe that the whole is under open investigation. The logic of the production – a Dutch format – calls for an obvious caution: you want to start recording … to know if you will be searching for Triat’s here and if they are going to go to La Rioja or Brisbane, which program. seriously damage the budget.

First Capitol is dedicated to finding beneficiaries of the visceral death of an architect, Cristina Azcona. We are not looking at the mystery of the Lemasurier and the continuing death of the firstborn here, which Poirot is going to investigate. Roger Coma has to visit each capitol, logically and predictably, the Civil Registry, a Parish Archive, one or two municipal archives … Another inevitable visit, which is already going to build the second capitol, the Mormon Archives. To be able to celebrate Betjos in Phnom dels Morts, which are valid only if the deceased acknowledge them and “follow the Savior” as they do at El mon del There are espirits.

Come to the appraiser program for a company dedicated to genealogy research with a strong promotional role. Res de tot això creates a bit of intrigue. When the beneficiaries found out, the program didn’t know exactly what the inheritance value was or, in a few chapters, what they thought here. Això Yes, the first event that is pre-arranged is going to be an intimate d’azcona, the authentic victim of the indiscretions of Cagut del Sal. Namaste There would be more ethical violations than a legal infringement of a person’s privacy. A breach, which is, above all, free, does not contribute to this necrophiliac excursion. The program is going to present that the close of parents with hereditary rights will serve to explain the history of a family. It is not així i Millor who did not obey així because to know that a girl is a principal mother of molt llegidora nor did she form a person or cervix de res. The program, Docs, is a navigation through the genealogical tree of a family whose names are repeated, the dates of birth, death and marital status of their members. If branchum is leafy then recite molt pesset. In the form of a coma he is the only ridicule who dismisses some irony or makes a remark to the investigation that has occupied him.

The first two shows have been a notable success with the audience. Second Capital One 18.1% Millorant a point I Miguel L’Audience goes first. The third capital one goes for Bonn 16.2. Well, it came to Almonddale that in the audience over the age of 75, the share of the second day would be a whopping 26.8%. Frankly, Col Legie de Notaris will have to think about whether to sponsor an event that will certainly make the birds cry and the birds who haven’t documented their serious patriarchal intentions.

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