Trompe l’oeil Canned chorizo ​​or tortilla, foods that are delighted in Alimentaria

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Trompe l’oeil Canned chorizo ​​or tortilla, foods that are delighted in Alimentaria
Trompe l'oeil Canned chorizo ​​or tortilla, foods that are delighted in Alimentaria Listen to this article

Once again, Alimentaria & Hostel, which is being held in Fira de Barcelona this week, sets the agenda for new products in the pantry. Some stand out for the fusion between recognized brands, such as the collaborations of Donuts and Turons Vicens, and others for their originality, such as the canned Spanish omelet or green beer. This year’s Innovative Awards recognize the innovation that Alimentaria has shown. In the case of the company Vicky Foods, it has received five out of 16 awards with its B Balance drink, which is awarded in the health and dairy and derivatives categories, and its Kefir B Plus water, which is available in water, soft drinks and beer. has won. , sustainability trend and retail channel.

tortilla traveling in a can

this omelet Sanon’s Kitchen, which was already awarded as the best tortilla in Spain 10 years ago, has also been recognized at the Innoval 2022 Awards in the Convenience Trend category. The novelty it presents is its packaging: a can. “Many years ago I dreamed of making an omelet that could cross borders,” explains Senen Gonzalez, owner of Sagaratoki restaurant in Vitoria. To accomplish this, he has found a solution after a lot of research. The challenge was to make a fine tortilla that could be kept cold for up to a year in a high vacuum and sterilization system. La Cocina de Senen has followed the recipe for the omelet with which it has won a national award, but with one difference: The potatoes cook the same, but they have reduced the amount of eggs by one part and added fiber. This allows them to grow in the Nutriscore pyramid, giving them a value of A, the highest in the nutrition table. Thanks to the vacuum system, the tortilla can travel dry at room temperature and has a shelf life of one year. “Anyone can eat a Spanish omelet anywhere in the world by just opening the tab on the can,” claims Senon.

Calabizo: A Chorizo ​​and Pumpkin Trompe L’Oil

Galician Company Calabizo Alimentaria has introduced its Crown Star, which gives the brand its name. In both taste and appearance, this pumpkin made chorizo ​​is very similar to the chorizo ​​we all know. Both share the same expansion process: the sausage is smoked, kept for two weeks in fermentation chambers and the other two in drying chambers. They are proud of their distinctive cues from the emerging company: all of Calabizo’s ingredients can be found in any kitchen (pumpkin, onion, oil, paprika, salt, garlic and oregano), and their combination yields a vegetarian-free result without cholesterol. Is. Gluten free and low in calories. “It doesn’t come to replace anything, it’s just a product that is suitable for many people,” he specifies. The company was started in 2016 and is slowly growing, being awarded a few specialties, among which is the Basque Culinary Center recognition for Best Innovator of the Year 2019. In addition, they have expanded the Calabizo catalog – made entirely with Spanish products, in particular, prioritizing Galician pumpkin – with the expansion of some stews.

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Stay Balanced: Personalized Drinks According to Your Genetic Study

type be plusFrom Vicky’s food has launched this project, which incorporates the latest advances in nutritional genetics, in collaboration with the Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV). The innovation presented by Bee Balance, under the slogan “Find Balance”, involves the personalized design of drinks according to the needs of the consumer. First, the company sends a test so that customers can collect their samples for subsequent genetic studies (according to dietary habits and lifestyle). Afterwards, the consumer receives drinks – which are sold in packs of 15 or 30 units – made with the nutrients that are best suited for them and a report of their results. The flavors available are vanilla, cocoa, coffee, honey and yogurt, cinnamon, coconut, apricot and dulce de leche. This product requires a year and a half of work and the involvement of the genetic analysis laboratory, Imagine; UPV Cuina, a food research and innovation group of UPV; Nunsys, a company specializing in the implementation of comprehensive technology solutions, and S2, a specialist in cyber security. The project is financed with 330,000 Euros by the Center for Industrial Technology Development (CDTI), dependent on the Ministry of Science and Innovation.

a green beer

Oliba Green Beer It is the world’s first green beer made from the native olives of Pallars Jusa. Its appeal lies in the emerald green color reminiscent of freshly squeezed extra virgin oil and in the impurity imparted by olives. This is the idea of ​​Ivan Kales, CEO of Oliba Green Beer, who decided to combine oil and beer. From the brand they assure: “Oil and water do not mix but they have made the impossible possible”. There are two varieties of this beer: Original and Ampeltre. The Original includes seven varieties of olives, all from the Pyrenees, and is very smooth and refreshing with 5% alcohol. From the brand, they assure that for those who don’t like beer, “the final touch of olives makes it something they can drink.” Empeltre, on the other hand, is more intense, which makes the green even stronger, although the change is subtle. This innovation was introduced when the pandemic started, but they acknowledge that this is not a problem for the growth of the brand and its success.

a donut-flavored nougat

torns vices has joined donuts From bimbo group To make this nougat made from a praline with a donut and a base of nuts. The preparation ends with a chocolate and caramel coating, and in addition, a cereal is added, to impart a crunchy touch to the outer shell. With this merger, the Donuts brand intends to continue its goal of expanding its iconic flavor to new consumption opportunities. On the other hand, Nougat represents a step towards creativity and gastronomic innovation for the Nougat Company from Agarmuntina, turning nougat into a dessert for 365 days a year.

And also… Reference shows for Spanish wine

The second edition of Barcelona Wine Week, held from April 4 to 6, also introduced innovation in the wine sector. For two years now, Barcelona Wine Week has been taking place independently of Alimentaria, with its first edition being in 2020. Among this year’s innovations are, for example, canned wines from the family’s winery. Pedregosa Castle, “This container has an internal protection made of three layers that allows for “no nuance between canned wine and bottled wine,” says Ruben Pedregosa. He adds that wine growth “is great in the can because there’s no oxygen because to pressurize the can you have to inject liquid nitrogen, which displaces all the oxygen.” Another difference they highlighted is that with cans “less ingredients are transported per liter of wine, which makes it more interesting in countries that are sensitive to the issue of recycling.” In the Spanish market, “cans are a bit difficult to accept” due to the traditional culture of bottled wine, but Pedregosa assures that “demand is very latent in northern Europe and the Americas and will take time here, but it will be with the new times of consumption.” Catch up for something, such as a concert or a hike in the mountains. Other innovations found in the age of Albario wines underwater – at a depth of 12 meters – from Attis Winery, a wine stirred by the sea, which stems from a desire to unite the two worlds to which the family has devoted itself: the grape and the Bateira. On the other hand, tanks made of concrete that are in the shape of an egg or amphora Pandora’s Basement They also present an innovation in the commitment to concrete as a distinct brand in the market.

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