Throwboy releases new MAC-themed knit blanket

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Throwboy releases new MAC-themed knit blanket Listen to this article

Throwboy, known for its line of plush pillows inspired by classic Apple products, today announced the release of a new set high end knitted blanket Designed with Mac fans in mind.

throw blanket 1
Created in collaboration with Mineola Knitting Company and $160. price ofDecorative blankets come in three designs. There’s a multi-color iMac version featuring the iMac G3 in a range of bright colors, an icon version modeled after the original Mac Finder icon, and an iPod version with iPods dripping with different colors.

throw blanket 2

Each blanket measures 50 inches by 60 inches and is individually woven from recycled cotton and polyester materials. Throwboy says the blankets are stretchy, soft, and have a comfortable, slightly weighted feel.

throw blanket 3

All blankets can be bought here Throwboy’s websiteAnd for those who want a MAC-themed blanket but don’t want to spend that much money, Throwboy also has a line most economical fleece blanket,

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