"This recognition gives me life": Maria Teresa Campos draws attention at the Andalusia Journalism Awards Listen to this article

It may be that for new generations appearing on generalist television, Maria Teresa Campos is another character from the gossip press, the parent of a family where the relationship between her daughters and her granddaughter, her move or with Edmundo Arrosette. is expressed in their old relationship save me and its derivatives. These are the moments of the last years of his life, which do not dent the broad professional curriculum of this veteran journalist, who garnered attention and recognition at the awards ceremony this Wednesday. XXXVI Andalusia Journalism Award Who has distinguished Communicator for his professional career.

“This recognition, at the moment, gives me life”, he admitted Field In the video before the distribution of his award, where he showed one of his two Ondas Awards. Already on stage, she is back to thank the award and, in line with her latest statements, the journalist, who will turn 81 in June, has insisted that she do more than watch television in a chair. I would love to be in front of the cameras. “They have unanimously awarded me for so long and for so much work that now I don’t have it, now it won’t,” he joked.

So much time and so much work—50 years—in which journalists have been a pioneer of formats, but also in retaliation for feminism, as they did on the program female 72Which he hosted on Radio Juventud in Málaga until 1980. During the transition, she was news director for Radio Cadena Espaola, first in Andalusia and then nationwide, and in 1989 she became deputy director. day to day By Iaki Gabilondo. On television she made her debut opposite Luis Tola and after taking over from Jesus Hermida, she became queen of the morning and then the afternoon.

“He is a complete journalist, capable of doing the best radio and best television. A first-class communicator who has been able to adapt to the changes of time and society to become a true leader of the audience for decades”, highlighted the chairman of the board, Juan Manuel Moreno in his speech. An acknowledgment was conveyed by the rest of the winners as they went upstairs to collect their diplomas.

In his speech, the Andalusian president highlighted the importance of good journalism to combat false news and misinformation, and named the war in Ukraine and the Kremlin’s communications policy as one of the risks that media work poses to freedom. Stands as a stronghold and democracy.

In addition to Campos, who premiered the new category for a professional career, Eduardo del Campo Cortés has also been honored in the Press category for his reports. Nurse Montsay, 2,500 hours in ICU ‘drawer’: memories of pain and joypublished in from Spain; Jaime Castilla, in Radio Modus, for Special twenty years without silvioreleased on series Wave Zero Andalusia, Erasmo Fenoy Nez, in photojournalism, for his photograph of a drug smuggler being arrested while illuminated by the overhead light of a Civil Guard helicopter, taken from the balcony of his home, titled T.essential jobs and published in the newspaper South Europe, Laura Lyons in the new category of international projection, for her photographic work Grenada is dancing with caution, respect and audience’ and ‘Proceeding safely in Grenada’published in the paper and digital editions of new York Times, and Grupo Audiovisual Digital Multimedia SA (ADM), on television, for the program Andalusia on Easter, broadcast on Canal Sur television. The jury has also awarded a special mention to the work. bird house, Broadcast by Doce Media Producciones, SL twelve tv el viso And on YouTube, which shows that local journalism is not unlike quality.

After the act, social information journalists waited for Campos and his daughters, Terrelu and Carmen Borrego, who accompanied the communicator. He has reiterated his regret for not being active with them. He, who modernized the magazine format, warned sailors during a previous video to formats that appear to be in the low hours. “Television is turning its back on the spectacle. Gossip is fine, but other than that, not instead of the show.”