The volume of sick leave due to covid triggers the hiring of substitutes by 15% | Economy

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The volume of sick leave due to covid triggers the hiring of substitutes by 15% | Economy
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Waiters work in a bar in Seville.
Waiters work in a bar in Seville.Alejandro Ruesga (THE COUNTRY)

The rise in infections due to the omicron variant of covid 19 is decimating the workforce of companies, which have had to resort to hiring substitutes in order to continue their activity. According to data from the human resources company Adecco, which was made public this Friday, these hirings have increased by 15% so far in January. The level of recruitment, the company points out, could be even higher in the areas of Spain where the incidence of the virus in this sixth wave is higher. The sectors in which more substitutes are being hired are those in which teleworking is not possible: commerce, logistics, transport, food and automotive.

Last December closed, with data up to the 23rd, with more than 240,000 job losses initiated, according to the records of the Ministry of Social Security. This figure, even without having completed the month, already meant tripling the numbers of November, when 75,800 procedures were recorded. And according to the employers’ Association of Mutual Insurance for Work Accidents, the figure in that period of December reached 576,000 casualties, twice as many as those reported by the Government. The casualties that began after Christmas and in January are expected to be much higher, although the ministry has not updated the records. In Catalonia alone, the Department of Health reported last Wednesday that there were 123,406 open sick leaves. In January 2021, according to the Adecco group, more than 630,000 people underwent a process of sick leave due to the coronavirus, and the company considers that this figure could be exceeded this January. “We very much fear that these figures will even be exceeded. As of today, we are noticing an increase of over 15% in the needs of companies to replace workers who have taken leave due to Covid”, said Antonio López, director of ‘On Site’ Solutions at Adecco.

Catalonia, together with the Valencian Community, Murcia and Andalusia, announced this week that they would speed up the process to process a Temporary Incapacity due to contagion of covid 19, a measure with which the governments seek to reduce the pressure suffered by the health system and especially the family doctors, who have to dedicate a good part of their day to processing medical leave. In these communities, those positive for covid who notify it even electronically will receive a deferred discharge at the time of discharge that will be executed after seven days if the patient does not have symptoms or does not communicate with the health centers in these communities. . The infections and the agility in the processing of permits have their counterpart in the gap they leave in the templates.

“Companies are experiencing significant growth in sick leave and are urgently looking for new employees to meet their needs,” the consultancy said in a statement. This rebound in hiring the figure by 15% more in January. According to Adecco, the increase in replacement jobs occurs especially in sectors where teleworking is not an option, and in those with a peak in activity, especially due to the sales period. Thus, hiring is being carried out in large stores and commerce in general, and in logistics and transport. The food and automotive sectors are also suffering a significant number of casualties that must be replaced. It does not affect office jobs as much, which can be easily covered from telecommuting.

Throughout 2021, more than 2.6 million casualties due to covid 19 were recognized in Spain, but the periods are short due to the mild symptoms that it normally generates, also due to the degree of immunity obtained thanks to vaccination. In December, the casualties lasted an average of 10 days, while in July 2020 the average was almost 20 days.

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