The Rebellion That the Oscars Red Carpet Needed

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The Rebellion That the Oscars Red Carpet Needed
The Rebellion That the Oscars Red Carpet Needed Listen to this article

The red carpet is no longer as interesting as it used to be. Cate Blanchett said this in an interview weekly country, “There are so many, they all look alike and people are bored. And this is something that was happening even before the pandemic. Audience figures prove him right: the 2021 Oscars ceremony – the lowest watched in history – lost 58% of the audience compared to 2020, which, in turn, fell 20% compared to 2019 and, likewise, 2014 I came back in an undeniable way. Downfall.

In matters of fashion, not only does the predictability of format weigh – mermaid-style designs, straps of honor, actresses drawn by the brands they image and employees – but also technique: a quick look at the photo gallery To do – in Spanish time – is enough to gather the necessary logic in front of the office coffee machine, Time From Twitter or WhatsApp friends group: That if Jessica Chastain looks like a golden Hollywood star wearing Gucci clothes; That if Nicole Kidman was going for Nicole Kidman (and Armani Privé); Or that if Lily James is stuck in the role of Pamela Anderson and that’s why she dressed up as Baywatch in 2002: in pink and Atelier Versace.

Jessica Chastain in a Gucci design,
Jessica Chastain in a Gucci design,
David Swanson (EFE)

Penelope Cruz’s talk is for after-dinner Sundays, Pachran included. She could walk the red carpet in a Benedictine habit or as God brought her into the world. What’s most important isn’t – but her talent – but it’s surprising – not surprising – the way her collaboration with Chanel has been carrying her in recent times: it’s true that the neckline of the design she wore This Oscar is much better than the white piece she chose for Thi Goya and it appears to limit her ability to breathe, but Virginie Viard’s creation made her yearn for the era of Ralph Lauren, who was a Hollywood star. in one of his arrivals.

The goal is to make two hours on the red carpet worthwhile. In that period, it’s time to move on to the series of moments, the book that hangs on the nightstand, watch an eponymous movie or even do some extravagant work like catching up with a friend.

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It doesn’t help to pique interest in the show that the American Film Academy has asked guests to wear classic tuxedos and that the length of their skirts always exceed their knees, as if the Dolby Theater was formerly a Catholic cathedral. . Constitutional year. A few rules that, fortunately, Timothée Chalamet decided to ignore, who disregarded the straight shirt and wore a shiny bolero jacket; Sebastian Journey, who chose a pink Moschino and Andrew Gardfield suit, with a black lace-up blouse. Plus, Kirsten Stewart, in ultra-short pants by Chanel, a shirt tucked to her navel and a black blazer, screamed defiance, virginity and, perhaps, an entry in red carpet history. Ariana DeBos in red Valentino pants and cape joins the list of rebels, with whom the Academy will be disappointed but indebted.

Ariana DeBos in Valentino.
Ariana DeBos in Valentino.
Javier Rojas (EFE)

It doesn’t contribute to maintaining the hopeful ad by reiterating the theme of a pink corset dress like Mila Kunis, Kristen Dunst or Zendaya, who have surprisingly worn some of the most memorable outfits of recent times, punctuated properly tonight. Done is a Valentino design whose latest campaign just starred: Contracts don’t always look good.

Zendaya from Valentino.
Zendaya from Valentino.Angela Weiss (AFP)

Jane Campion wore a black robe, like a priestess of celluloid, and Stella McCartney’s Jaime Lee Curtis showed that when it comes to elegance, having nothing to do with experience and proving is a grade. At a high level, 91-year-old Rita Moreno is in a feathered headdress and ruffled dress that speaks to a class that doesn’t need a brand or a financial deal.

Director Jane Campion.
Director Jane Campion.Momodu Manasarai (AFP)

Perhaps it’s time to rethink, as Blanchett put it, how to do things so as not to lose relevance, the posture that has made the Oscars the most important fashion show for firms for years. New rules for new times. The business should go on.

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