The Mask: Alberto Luceno: From a fashion professional with a bad reputation to a health commissioner in the crosshairs of justice

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The Mask: Alberto Luceno: From a fashion professional with a bad reputation to a health commissioner in the crosshairs of justice Listen to this article

The couple that this week has become a new symbol of shameless enrichment during the pandemic, a famous character, made up of Luis Medina, brother of the Duke of Feria, and another mysterious figure, their friend Alberto Luceno. The latter worked for several years in the fashion sector, where he was fired from the artisanal jewelry chain Uno de 50 and earned a formidable reputation, according to several sources consulted. These sources suggest that it is very common for businessmen in the region to have business contacts in Asia and that Luceno probably wanted to take advantage of those relationships to profit from the health sale to Madrid City Council in March 2020, which has put him in the crosshairs. of Justice. The complaint by the prosecutor’s office, accepted this Thursday by the capital’s Investigative Court 47, accuses them of fraud, false documents and money laundering.

Of the bite of about six million euros, the little-known Luceno took most of it (about five million). It was he who, according to the prosecutor’s office, negotiated with the city council using deception. He falsified business documents and hid the true cost of gloves, masks and tests. He also lied to his friend Medina, from whom he hid the actual commission, which he had agreed to with the Malaysian businessman who supplied him with the goods, San Chin Chun, owner of the Leno market chain. With the money earned, Luceno bought 12 high-end cars for 2 million euros, a 1.1 million house in Pozuelo de Alarcón, three luxury watches for 42,000 euros and a week’s stay in a hotel in Marbella for 60,000 euros in August 2020.

People who worked with him describe him in this paper as an incredible person. “He’s a professional liar, the typical charlatan who talks a lot, but lies everything,” says someone who worked with him at the Madrid Fashion Guild. Two other people who have worked with him in two different organizations have also confirmed his bad image. These sources have requested anonymity to speak openly.

Luceno has not appeared in public since the scandal broke and the newspaper was not able to trace him at press time this Thursday after several attempts using various contact details. There is hardly any information about him on the internet as his social network profiles are very brief. A LinkedIn account reports Alberto Luceno, who graduated in journalism from the private European University of Madrid between 1992 and 1996 and later worked as general director of the Spanish jewelry chain Uno de 50, leading to his expulsion. was given.

According to information from the Mercantile Registry, in 2010 he founded a business training consultancy called Gecko, a well-known Hollywood villain named financial tycoon Gordon Gecko, played by Michael Douglas. wall st A line from Gecko in that film has been adopted as a motto by many ultra-liberals: “Greed is good, for lack of a better word.”

Two years later, Luceno appears as the CEO of UD, a business school based on Calle Arturo Soria in eastern Madrid that has tapped into a growing market of Latin American graduate students. In promoting the school, Luceno shamelessly exaggerated to sell his center. “UD has become one of the benchmark business schools nationally and internationally, endorsed by Ranking most prestigious, which ranks UD among the best business schools in the world”, he said without citing any sources A Master’s Preaching Handbook to teach Where his message appears next to a smiling picture of him sitting in his office.

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Yude and the man in charge at that stage, Oscar Sanchez Moyano, were in the focus of Punic business conspiracy investigators over the alleged illegal financing of PP, according to Development free information, Luceno has not been charged in that case. This forum is a video of him Saved on Twitter last week By Miguel Montejo, Councilor of Messe Madrid in Madrid City Council: Welcoming new students, Luceno talks about the values ​​of the house: integrity, generosity, humility and honesty. “Values ​​are the deep beliefs of human beings that determine their way of being and guide their behaviour,” he told them.

UD spokespersons have told the media that Luceno had little time at school. In 2013, he rejoined the fashion sector and took a managerial position in the union of textile companies in Madrid, Acotex. His fame deteriorated. In 2015, Luceno’s web trail ended a few days before he reappeared as an excellent commission agent.

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