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Chapter 24

1. On the way to Abdeslam

On August 24, 2015 at 7:00 pm, Salah Abdeslam went to the Rent a Car Agency, 178, Chausy de Hecht, in Haren on the outskirts of Brussels, and rented one. bmw 118D with registration 1-HXV-990. At 3:40 p.m. on 30 August, he entered Hungary with a companion at the Hegyshalom border post. A radar captured it near Tatabania at 4:27 pm. At 16:50 he is in Bytorbagy and at 18:29 he arrives in the small town of Kiskoros, 130 km south of Budapest. At 8:40 the vehicle again crosses Baytorbagi, where it had passed about three hours earlier. The return journey ends in Brussels at noon on 1 September. On the other hand, at 00:58 am on 30 August and 10:53 pm on 1 September, i.e. the beginning and end of this journey, as permitted by highway and telephone data, the normal line of Salah Abdeslam, is unconnected to Molenbeek. Uninterrupted in sending or receiving calls to his home in I, it is revealed that he had left his mobile there.

When asked about it, he would say that this is something that is usually done when you are on a trip and want to be alone. However, during the journey he used another Belgian line, in constant contact with two other Hungarian lines. Hungarian SIM cards were purchased on 27 August in a telephone section of Kiskoros supermarket. The seller, Dorina Petrovics, identified the two individuals to whom she sold the cards as Bilal Hadfi and Chakib Akroh. The first would explode at the Stade de France, the second with Brahim Abdeslam and Abdelhamid Aboud being part of the Terrace Command. His journey can also be reconstructed. Coming from Syria, they travel from Turkey to Greece and reach Serbia on 24 August. As of this date, they communicate first with an unknown interlocutor who guides them from Syria, then with a coordinator who has been in Belgium and who is of course Khalid al-Bakraoui, and finally, with the 29th from, with the driver bmw, That is, Salah Abdeslam.

They reach Budapest on 28 August and spend the night of 28–29 August in the woods near Kiskoros station. “Tell the youth to send a message when they are in front of the station so that we leave early. Tell them the secret password,” Akroh tells his Syrian interlocutor, who passes the information to Khalid al-Bakroui and says the driver needs a day or a half to arrive. Thus, Salah Abdeslam, who hired a car on the 24th, we assume, be prepared if given the green light, departs on the night of 29–30 August and returns with two of his passengers in the evening on 1 September. Huh. , It is not known who gets them or where they will hide; On the other hand, everything is well known about the following trips.

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2. Fire Wizards

These data are tedious. I’ve quoted a little sample button to give you an idea of ​​what’s in the summary and what we’re hearing right now, audience after audience. In a nutshell: In late August, early September 2015, 12 Islamic State fighters from Syria enter Europe via the Balkans route as Syrian refugees. Salah Abdeslam makes five trips to pick them up in Hungary or Germany and transport them to Belgium, where they are delivered to five hiding places hired by Mohamed Bakkli under the identities of Fernando Castillo and Alberto Malonzo; The two declare themselves computer scientists, wear a suit and tie and a comical make-up with a curly wig and thick glasses, which is no deterrent for an asylum owner to believe that the liar Malonzo ” Enough class”.

The terrorists are given a network called Catalog and Belgian identity cards supplied by a certain Fareed Kharkhach, an intermediary who keeps repeating, and in a way, it is credible, that yes, he is a fraudster and a petty criminal, but He didn’t know what he was doing himself. If weapons are discounted, that in summary constitutes a blind spot, because we still don’t know where the six came from kalashnikov Used in attacks, the task assigned to each appears to be clear in this logistical preparation. The asylum to Bakli, the transport to Salah Abdeslam, and his other four voyages are known in detail and better documented than before. However, it happens that the advice goes too far in the mission assigned to him. For example, before returning to the Haren rental car agency bmw The board on which he had just delivered Afi and Akrou was at noon on September 4, at the Los Magos del Fuego store, specializing in the sale of fireworks materials, at 21, on the Avenue de la Cie in Saint-On-El. Have you seen. Aumen (95).

There he bought a wooden and aluminum case containing 12 receiver boxes and a remote control capable of sending electrical impulses over a distance of 400 metres. This method of buying ignition material without pyrotechnics seemed very unusual to seller Valentin Lithare, but the customer paid 390 euros in cash and, ultimately, was within his rights. Abdeslam entered the shop alone, but the phone number gives good reason to believe that Mohamed Abrini was with him, who stopped in the car. This time there is no doubt that Aberini is with him, on 8 October when he returned from Ulm, where he had gone in search of Osama Karim, Sofin Ayari and explosives specialist Ahmed Alkhald, always in the ‘BMW’. Near Beauvais, in two Irizardine stores that sell products for balancing water in swimming pools. The former manager, Mrs Allard, recalls that the two men wanted Bearshock brand drums at all costs and could not please them as she found them too expensive and only sold the cheaper Eripol brand.

He had good luck in another store, a specialized Bearshock dealer. Mr. Demeter was amazed that both customers wanted to buy as many of these drums as possible, half of which are enough for a swimming pool, but he was able to sell three of them, i.e. used in more strikes than needed to make TATP. Bayroshock or nothing, apparently solicited Ahmed Alkhed, who was not joking about the quality of the products.

3. A Plover’s Head

Asked about these purchases, Salah Abdeslam said during the investigation that they were only “to light fireworks”. Regarding his visit, he said he went in search of “brothers in Islam”, political refugees who had fled the war because Ukrainians today were bombed by Russians, and Jews were persecuted by Germans at other times. He doesn’t seem to have understood that these references can be disturbing. He declined to name the person who ordered him, who was most likely Khalid al-Bakrouei, claiming that he was not an informer. To conclude, he complained that justice was “broken”. [su] life”, which is why it has been called “the spectator phenomenon”: in the benches of the civil parties he lauds the irony, the president did not intervene – which he should have done, because if it makes sense, it is not allowed. – The lawyers stood up as a man of defense and the next day everything was back in order. There are days in this trial when your main defendant made a less bad impression than on other days. It sounds like a somewhat laughable blunder compared to everything else, but this week Salah Abdeslam, on top of everything else, has had a slimy knuckle.

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