The Crime of Jessica Mendez, a Story of an Obsession

admin March 26, 2022
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The Crime of Jessica Mendez, a Story of an Obsession
The Crime of Jessica Mendez, a Story of an Obsession Listen to this article

Antisocial, lonely and without a known job. The judicial police described 41-year-old Jose Erin as the man who was imprisoned for the murder of 29-year-old Jessica Mendez on the 17th. His car, the murder weapon, hit the car at a speed of 100 kilometers per hour. Woman as she was stopping on a regional road in the town of Pontevedra in Barrow. She fell into a deep and irreversible coma in the hospital, where she died.

According to investigators, the evidence strongly denies that it was a traffic accident and describes a pre-planned action of a hunter who had been obsessed with the victim for years, although she never wanted to report it. Without a job and with only two years’ worth of Social Security contributions, Erin spent part of her free time tracking her goal.

During the interrogation of more than an hour in the court, the detainee denied the allegations with complete chills. He said he was unable to stop the car and had no intention of harming the woman, whom he said he had barely seen. He assured that the relationship between the two is limited to Namaste and Goodbye. But the judicial police report destroys their version, and although the facts point to a possible murder, the judge of Caldas de Reis (Pontevedra) drives his car as the alleged murder to send him to prison.

The absence of a braking mark on the asphalt on a straight line and the speed at which Erin’s car hit Méndez’s car, which was stopped, moving more than 15 m, indicates that the man pre-thought. One of the agents who wrote the report commented, “He knew that a collision at such a speed against the driver’s door could be fatal, and that was his intention, because there was no doubt he was going for it. “

The trigger for the crime was found a few hours later, when the victim was still in the hospital. The testimony gathered by the agents has been consistent. They describe a psychopath who has been obsessed with Mendez since she was a teenager, but he always rejected her and downplayed her obsessive behavior. “Leave it, it will be over,” she used to tell her boyfriend, Ismail. Time passed like this and he never reported it.

No one around him could have imagined such an outcome. None of the witnesses interrogated by the judicial police had at any time feared for the life of the woman, though engulfed in desolation, her parents are yet to testify. Your version will be of great interest to researchers. In fact, the families of the victim and her attacker were neighbors and always maintained friendly relations. They ate together and helped each other in the garden, something common in small towns where everyone knows each other. At some of these family gatherings, Erin tried to hold Mendez’s hand or touch her under the table. He made it clear that he liked the girl, but he never dated her, nor did he intend to. These details he had naturally commented on at home.

Other evidence has also suggested that Erin was marked by her father’s suicide a few years earlier. He found her hanging by a rope and it completely changed her character. Police believe that infatuation with Mendez led to an obsession with feeling rejected after they began dating Ismail and the couple moved to the neighboring city of Portas.

“An unhealthy obsession that reached such an extent that Jessica’s parents installed a surveillance camera when her sister surprised her inside the farm,” the police insist. In the past five years, Erin has bitten the wheels of the woman’s car six times, although her father only reported it once in 2019.

There was no emotional connection between the two, so judicially the case would not be directed as gender violence. Neither did the mobile phone provide evidence, although Mendez suspected that Irene made 30 calls to her one night. However, researchers have pointed out that gender may be a provoking factor and they believe the matter is complicated.

Police have reconstructed the last moments of Mendez’s life after looking at the cameras. That Thursday the 17th, she plans to help her sister, who works in a cod processing factory, live with her grandmother before moving to Cambados, where she works in a clothing store. She left home at 9:30 a.m. and a few minutes later she was crushed at a crossroads. In a supplementary report being prepared by the judicial police, agents hope to prove that the alleged killer was waiting for Mendez in the car to execute a plan he tried to disguise as a traffic accident Was.

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