Thanos’ New Origin Permanently Changes His Role in the Marvel Universe

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Thanos’ New Origin Permanently Changes His Role in the Marvel Universe
Thanos' New Origin Permanently Changes His Role in the Marvel Universe Listen to this article

Warning! spoilers for eternal #12 by Marvel Comics

Marvel Comics just revealed the truth behind it Thanos’ The real origins and creation of the villain by his parents, which sets him in a new direction in the universe. in eternal #12 of Marvel Comics, Thanos tries to rebuild his body inside the Great Machine, where he learns that something is wrong with him and that he is not the creature that his father and mother created.

in stream eternal In the Marvel Comics series, Thanos has returned from the stream of time with a shell of himself along with his body. Desperate to restore (and mend) his body, Thanos seeks answers among his exiled parents and becomes the Prime Eternal in order to obtain the information he needs. Marvel further explored the origins and creation of Thanos as his parents Mentor and Sui-san wanted to prove that they could create life, a plan that ultimately cost them their freedom. Now, with Thanos entering his father’s mind, the true origins of the Mad Titan are revealed.

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in eternal #12 By Patriarch Kieron Gillan, Esad Ribic, Matthew Wilson, and Clayton Cowles, Thanos’ quest to restore his body and destroy Earth reaches its grand conclusion. Inside the mentor’s mind, the Mad Titan seeks answers to how he was created. However, when Domo tries to retrieve it, he learns the truth about its origins. Domo explains that his parents used the power of Kronos to marry the goddess and the eternal material. Despite being associated with the Great Machine, something is wrong with him because “death freezes in every part of Thanos”. Domo tells him that he is not the creature that his father and mother created, as he has become something completely different.

This retcon of Thanos, which reveals that his DNA was part deliberately part divergent and part eternal, rewrites his origin as he was born of two Eternals, rather than a temporal one. This explains why he was never able to connect to the great machine like the other Eternals. Instead, she’s tied to death, which actually helps explain the Mad Titan’s obsession with her. Thanos admitted that even in defeat, he proved to be greater than any eternal because he became something different, because he is something different.

Ultimately, Thanos’ new origins make sense, as he randomly received the Deviant gene in his original backstory, looking like it had to be intentional. Turns out it was. Thanos is the product of an experiment that goes horribly wrong to mix a goddess and an eternal. This is a relatively simple explanation that shows how his parents were terribly wrong in their attempts to prove that eternal life could be created. about the revelation Thanos And his new role will certainly be explored in future stories, as the present eternal The Marvel Comics series ended with a bang.

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