Telefónica reopens incentive dismissal for employees under 55

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Telefónica reopens incentive dismissal for employees under 55
Telefónica reopens incentive dismissal for employees under 55 Listen to this article

The BOE published yesterday the extension agreement of the Second Collective Agreement of Telefónica de Espaa, Movilles, y Solutions (CEV). The agreement includes a voluntary personal suspension employment relationship (PSI) program for those born in 1967 or earlier, as well as an incentive leave scheme for those under 55.

Operators and unions have agreed that they can request incentive dismissal of all workers who have a minimum seniority of five years and less than 55 years in the company, during the entire term of the agreement, until the end of 2023. , who are not eligible for the rest of the PSI programmes.

The telco may decline the request if the employee is doing work of a strategic nature for the business. Within the terms, he shall pay pecuniary compensation equal to 45 days’ salary per year, subject to a maximum of three and a half annuities.

The total compensation may be paid in three equal parts; First, at the time of leaving the company.

With regard to inconsistencies, the Agreement specifies that an employee who avails himself of this leave shall undertake not to engage in any activity, either for himself or for third parties, during the time provided for in Article 21 of the Labor Statute. , including competition with those carried out by Telefónica Group companies, that is, companies dedicated to the provision of telecommunications services, as defined in the General Telecommunications Law and Development Provisions.

The second portion, which will be paid once a year, has expired since discharge and the third, which will be after two years, will be conditional on the employee’s compliance with the non-compete commitment, leaving the company. In case of non-compliance by the employee, exempted from making payments covered in this section which may be pending.

This type of plan was already included in previous agreements by Telefónica. Company sources reveal that the number of employees who take advantage of these schemes is usually very less.

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