Teardown reveals the internals of Apple’s new 35W dual USB-C compact power adapter

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Teardown reveals the internals of Apple’s new 35W dual USB-C compact power adapter
Teardown reveals the internals of Apple's new 35W dual USB-C compact power adapter Listen to this article

With the new M2 MacBook Pro and MacBook Air models, Apple introduced and released a pair of 35W Dual USB-C Port power adapters that are unique among Apple’s power adapter offerings in that they feature two USB ports. give. -C instead of one.

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ChargerLab, known for taking apart Apple devices and accessories, today shared a teardown of the 35W USB-C Dual Port Compact Power Adapter, which gives us a look at the internals.

The power adapter has a unique design that makes it easy to change the internal pins to make it available in different areas, plus it comes with two identical power supply circuits. ChargerLab says the front and back components of the power adapter are symmetrical.

Apple has two versions of the power adapter, both of which cost $59. 35W Dual USB-C Port Power Adapter Looks like a standard MacBook charger, while 35W Dual USB-C Compact Power Adapter It looks like an iPad charger with two ports on the bottom instead of on the side. ChargerLab has trashed the compact version, so we still don’t know what the interiors of the non-compact model look like.

The compact 5W dual USB-C port power adapter supports up to 35W and supports Power Delivery 3.0. It works with four fixed power delivery options including 5V3A, 9V3A, 15V2.33A and 20V1.75A. Apple states that if a Mac and an iPhone or iPad are connected, each device receives up to 17.5 W. The same goes for the iPhone or iPad. If a Mac or iPhone laptop and Apple Watch or AirPods are connected, the Mac/iPhone receives up to 27.5W and the Apple Watch or AirPods receives up to 7.5W. If a device is plugged in, it can receive all 35 full W

Apple recommends two new 35W chargers for the MacBook Air launching in July. Apple hasn’t given a release date for the MacBook Air yet, but both power adapters are available for purchase today and will ship immediately.

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