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Chrome for iOS gets better Safe Browsing to protect users from malicious websites

Google today announced several updates coming to the Chrome browser on iPhone

admin admin June 24, 2022

iOS 16 will allow iPhone users to bypass CAPTCHAs on supported apps and websites

Tapping on images of traffic lights to prove you're human will soon

admin admin June 20, 2022

UK legal action seeks damages for 25 million iPhone users with bad batteries to ‘throttle’ devices

A UK consumer champion has filed a £750 million ($907 million) legal

admin admin June 19, 2022

App Store blocked 1.6 million ‘risky’ and ‘untrusted’ apps from deceiving users, says Apple

The App Store will prevent 1.6 million risky and untrustworthy apps from

admin admin June 1, 2022

Apple says revised US lateral transfer bill will “undermine privacy and security protections” iPhone users believe

Senator Amy Klobuchar introduced a revised version last night [PDF] The American

admin admin May 27, 2022

Some users experience problems with Instagram

Instagram boss says iPad app is a low priority because not enough

admin admin May 26, 2022

iPhone users report iMessage disable issue involving T-Mobile eSIM accounts [Updated]

Some iPhone users on T-Mobile cellular service are reportedly experiencing an eSIM

admin admin May 22, 2022

Some users experience problems with Apple Music [Update: Fixed]

iCloud and many other Apple services are down or experiencing problems Apple

admin admin May 13, 2022

Google I/O highlights for Apple users: A look at Pixel 7, Pixel Watch and more

Apple launches limited-time bonus trade-in credits for iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple

admin admin May 12, 2022

Internal Apple data shows many iOS 15 users turn off personalized ads with minimal impact on App Store search ads

Starting with iOS 15 and iPadOS 15, Apple introduced a new "Custom

admin admin May 11, 2022