Suggestions for Submitting the ‘RealityOS’ Trademark in Possible WWDC Advertisements

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Suggestions for Submitting the 'RealityOS' Trademark in Possible WWDC Advertisements Listen to this article

Ahead of WWDC, interesting details of trademark filings for Apple’s upcoming AR/VR headset operating system “RealityOS” have resurfaced online, offering clues as to what Apple may have to share Maybe at this year’s conference.

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Two separate trademark filings (1, Two) Were Resurrected by Parker Ortolani On Twitter, which notes that both were initially filed on December 8, 2021, more interestingly, both are listed two days after the keynote speech, with a foreign filing deadline of June 8, 2022. Apple at WWDC. another presentation On the USPTO website it lists the foreign filing deadline of June 9, 2022.

The presentations themselves are not labeled or marked as an Apple trademark, but several clues indicate that the Cupertino tech giant owns them. Submissions are subject to a company known as “Realtyo Systems LLC”, and as noted by parkerThe corporate location used by this company is the same address that Apple has used in recent years to maintain the release names of macOS California prior to release.

Apple mistakenly referenced “RealityOS” in its App Store update log earlier this year, somehow confirming its existence. ROS, short for RealityOS, was first reported by bloomberg In 2017 under the internal codename “oak”.

RealityOS will first run on a high-end, niche AR/VR headset that Apple plans to announce this year or early next year. bloomberg, Apple recently previewed its mixed reality headset on its dashboard, which means the product is nearing completion.

The headset will include two 4K micro-OLED displays, 15 camera modules, processors as powerful as M-series chips, eye-tracking capability, hand gesture support, spatial audio and more. When it launches, the headphones are expected to cost around $3,000.

Rumors about whether or not Apple plans to announce the hardware at this year’s WWDC are cool, but the trademark filing dates suggest that Apple has a lot to share about its vision for the future of AR/VR. There might be more to do. For the first time since September 2019, Apple is also inviting select members of the press and developers from the App Store community to attend a special event at Apple Park on June 6.

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