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Death Star. is the last level in star Wars The Force Unleashed, and there are holocrons to find in this region. Like most other levels in the game, the Death Star has 15 holocrons to find. Many of them are very well hidden, so players will have to search every nook and corner to find them all. Receive a variety of rewards for collecting all 15 Holocrons in star Wars The Force Unleashed scattered throughout the Death Star.

After Darth Vader attacks the rebel leaders’ gathering, Starkiller manages to escape and rides aboard the evil Shadow. To find out where the rebels are being taken, Starkiller heads to the near-perfect Death Star to confront Darth Vader and the Emperor. As players fight their way through waves of enemies on the Death Star, they can also find some Holocrons with unique rewards. At the end of this level all the Holocrons can be collected before they reach the Emperor’s chambers.

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Holocrons are collectibles that can be found in every level of the game. The most common reward for collecting Holocrons is 10,000 Force Points. However, players can also obtain new costumes, lightsaber crystals, power crystals, and golems by collecting the Holocron. Most levels, such as the Death Star, collect 15 holokrons, but some have less than five. find every holocron in star Wars The Force Unleashed A variety of unique rewards will make it easy to level up and unlock.

All Death Star Holocron in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

Star Wars Forces Uncovered Every Holocron Location on the Death Star Hangar Walkway

The Death Star has some of the hardest holocrons to collect. star Wars The Force Unleashed, Each area will need to be thoroughly explored in order to find all the hidden Holocrons. Starkiller will also need the ability to run in order to reach a Holocron at the end of the level. Holocron that requires the Dash ability will drop a crystal that allows players to darken their lightsaber. There are some other valuable prizes to claim by collecting the Holocron on the Death Star.

  • Holocron #1 (Ridk Power Crystal) – Using a stack of crates behind the hangar, players can jump over metal walkways. To the right of the hangar on the catwalk is a holocron.
  • Holocron #2 (10,000 Strength Points) – On the same catwalk as the previous collectible, players can loop through the left side of the hangar to grab another Holocron. There Will Be Some Scout Troopers To Defeat Before They Arrive At This Holocron star Wars The Force Unleashed,
  • Holocron #3 (10,000 strength points) – Inside the long circular hallway where the laser is fired, there is a holocron through the door on the right. After passing through the first green crystal, the area containing the Holocron can be found to the right of where enemies are coming from.
  • Holocron #4 (unstable green crystal): Beyond the laser firing area, on the left is a control panel with an elevator. The lift allows players to reach the top level where they can reach the side from which the laser fires. The platform above the laser firing area can be reached with a double jump, then the Holocron will be at the end of the path on the left.
  • Holocron #5 (10,000 Force Points) – From the previous collectibles, players can turn around and work their way up to the other end to find another Holocron star Wars The Force Unleashed,
  • Holocron #6 (Talent Zone): At the end of the laser tube, there is a door that can be opened using the Force. In the next area, there is a door to the right with a holocron inside. There are also some enemies to defeat before the Holocron can be collected.

Star Wars Force Uncovered Every Holocron Location on Top of the Death Star Ledger

  • Holocron #7 (10,000 Force Points): There are two gun turrets in the next room and another room on the right. A Holocron can be found on the right through the door.
  • Holocron #8 (10,000 Strength Points) – At the end of the final hallway, there is a door leading to a laser firing area and on the other side of the Holocron tube.
  • Holocron #9 (Power Sphere): In the area with the spinning rings from where the laser shoots, there’s a door to the left. Inside, there is an elevator that can be used to reach the lower level of the rings. The Holocron can be found to the left of the lower platform.
  • Holocron #10 (10,000 Strength Points) – After the rings have stopped, a path opens and the Holocron floats over the gap between the two bridges. Starkiller Inn star Wars The Force Unleashed You can double jump over the Gap to pick up the Holocron.
  • Holocron #11 (10,000 strength points) – In a large open area shot by multiple lasers, players can turn left at the entrance. When the laser stops firing, players can continue down the path until they reach a short range on the right. The Holocron is straight down, so players can go sideways and double-jump down the catwalk to reach it.
  • Holocron #12 (10,000 power points) – The gravity lifter at the bottom can be used to go back up and down to the third level from the side the player originally came from. this collectible star wars: the force Unleashed It’s in a small room behind the stage.
  • Holocron #13 (10,000 Force Points) – Players can pass lasers to the other side of the room, then go down to the next level. The holocron will be on the far right.
  • Holocron #14 (Black Crystal) – One of the gravitational lifts can be used to go to the top, and the Holocron can be seen on top of the laser between the lifts. Players must double jump and then run to get to the top of the laser. It may take a few tries to get the timing right, but players have to run right over the second jump.
  • Holocron #15 (Combo Sphere): This Holocron is surrounded by Shadow Guards on the platform leading to the Emperor. This is the last Holocron to be assembled on the Death Star star Wars The Force Unleashed,

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