Spain farther than Madrid

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Spain farther than Madrid
Spain farther than Madrid Listen to this article

Spain is very similar to Spain when it moves away from Madrid, especially in football but without ruling out other kinds of areas and ideas that are either not relevant … or yes, we will see it during the following lines. For now, let’s consider the Spanish national team’s trip to Riazor a resounding success, which was not completely filled due to a small miscalculation: from Catoira, a city located a hundred kilometers from A Corua And is with deep Viking roots. Halftime weren’t the ones mobilizing to show off skins and show some support to their Icelandic relatives from the stands.

Chiquipark Spain, the young and plural Spain that does not demand purity of blood from nationalized football players, nor a specific quota of national Madrid fans in its national team, praised lvaro Morata as did his mother- Father was selling frozen foods. Orzan and the child took their first steps in the sports city of Abegondo. Young voices but with Manolo’s bass drum, capable of singing “Albin, Alban” worn as a sign of respect for tradition in the 21st century, but at the same time, the modernity of a team with a few million coaches and several dozen Refurbished in substance and form by Luis Enrique, despite the reluctance of media speakers: away from Madrid, no one cares about Gavi’s age or Pedri’s muscles, which were lauded by the Corua public as the new great idols Is. Current National Team.

It’s curious, isn’t it? While some experts – a fashionable profession, by the way, because it does not require qualification – attribute the current trend of political life to the process of footballing, Spanish football manages to scare off the politicization sought by a good number of experts. doing – not necessarily the same – without losing the essence that gives the beautiful game much of its charm. Even in times of great sporting consensus, such as the present day, football offers us the possibility to disagree, to be interpreted, to propose alternatives, and even to “get out a lot”. , which is already a very characteristic manifestation among children. Comb in gray hair and over forty years.

Some are more convinced than Dani Olmo and others feel more poison in Pino’s feet. Coke sounds better than that alone to us, but of course, Sergio Busquets is still teaching and blocking the way for the Madrid native, Rodri and company. Eric Garcia feels fragile until he dries Mbappe in the Nations Cup and Gilmon suggests so many qualities that no one knows what to compare. For the left side we have options and choices, so many that it makes us want to restart the game and put them all together, including Angeleno and Xavi Galan, who have not been summoned yet but Who knows. And so, amid doubts and certainties, what has been created is a writers team that excites children, delights young people and upsets a series of veterans who used to feel like their national team. When seven was a name, not a number, and the drinking cane was called the drinking cane, not the freedom.

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