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Spain expects five million road trips on the DGT San Jose Bridge – elmundo

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Operation Traffic Exit for the San Jose festivities will begin this Friday at 3 p.m. with five million planned road trips. According to the DGT, one of the main destinations will be Valencia, because on Sunday, March 19, one of the most important events of Fallas is celebrated: cream, in which the exposed figures are lit. The Valencian Semana Mayor concludes with this event. For the people of Madrid, the weekend has been extended by one more day, as the Madrid community has extended the Father’s Day holiday until Monday, March 20.

According to the DGT, many accidents have taken place till 5.30 pm, which is causing retention. Two in Madrid, one on the A-2 at the San Fernando de Henares exit and one on the A-42 at the Torrejón de la Calzada entrance, in Valencia on the A-7 in Puig towards the Valencia capital, in Toledo on the A-4 in La Guardia Towards Jaén, there are 10 kilometer traffic jams on the AP-7, in Piedrafita del Cebrero on the N-6 in León and Lugo and there are also delays in the Subirat towards Tarragona in Barcelona.

The DGT has strengthened the monitoring and regulation of road traffic with the human and material resources at its disposal.

These are some of the planned measures: Installation of an additional lane in the opposite direction through a cone, Sanctions Circulation on certain days, the spread and hours of general and specialty freight trucks, preventing roadworks during weekends, and limiting sporting events and other events that involve road occupancy.

One of the recommendations of the DGT is to check the weather forecast before traveling. According to the State Meteorological Agency, it will rain in Galicia this weekend and the rain will spread more to other parts of the peninsula without reaching the Mediterranean; There will be a fall in the temperature on Friday as well, but the mercury will rise on Saturday and Sunday.

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