Some of the new Oscar awards in search of artistic quality

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Some of the new Oscar awards in search of artistic quality
Some of the new Oscar awards in search of artistic quality Listen to this article

Two years is a short time, but three can start to form a symptom, and even make a trend. As the Hollywood Academy casts networks overseas to add members to its institution, now three seasons ago, two things have happened that could be linked. First, with the more than 9,000 members having voting rights at the Oscars, the Academy has become very global, with almost a quarter, over 2,000, living outside the United States, compared to a smaller number before. , And second, and even more important, that the winners of the Best Picture award in these past two years were formidable, irreplaceable, adult, complex and daring.

parasites, by Bong Joon-ho, a South Korean production that focused on social drama, black comedy, criminal intrigue and Thriller of moral horror, seemingly irreconcilable styles. And nomads, By Chloe Zhao, a hazy portrait of contemporary economic and social disasters, with relevant documentary nuances, filled with hardly a professional actress and street people.

last year was discussed minaret, Typical beautiful, traditional, light and hopeful film that pleases everyone, with a potential last minute winner. The previous one, the role of a handsome if somewhat superficial applicant, was played by 1917. None of them won; Most artistically stimulating when, in 2019, before the globalization of the Academy, greenbook, With those same signs of identity, he won the lead statue against the most important works in the history of cinema.

Until a few months ago this year it looked like it was going to play Belfast, But the annoying surprise of the past few weeks, especially after his win at the Producers Guild, is that winning that award is indicated. coda, A title with three nominations, not one for Best Direction. a good story, nice, short, almost unimportant, and a reconstruction Almost copied from a recent French production with one unusual addition: it may be the typical mass film that may not be exciting, but doesn’t generate much disapproval, if it weren’t for the fact that almost No one has seen it.

So the ideal – for the Oscars, for the cinema, for the arts, for the prestige and to confirm that initial trait – would be for him to win. dog power, A major work, subtle, exciting, deep and expansive artistic expression. If so, a combination of parasitic, nomad And Jane Campion’s film will be on its way to take us back to that mythical period between 1967 and 1979, arguably the best in the history of American cinema, and in the history of cinema alone, as with a triumph of veteran works midnight cowboy, Saint And The Godfather II, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest And Annie Hall, and abundant presence of memorable works among the candidates.

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With the acting awards, we’re in a position similar to the pleasant film/complicated film dichotomy: choosing between a masked role, with flashy make-up and a potentially spectacular anatomical and vocal composition, and the character, instead, with a certain naturalism. Must offer different types of registers to reach deeper than . The favorites are, of course, Will Smith, Inadequate and Forgetfulness Williams method, and Jessica Chastain, for awesome Tammy Faye eyes. Two mask papers. Now, how encouraging would it be if that widespread misconception and Benedict Cumberbatch didn’t give up, because dog power, and Olivia Colman or Penelope Cruz, for black daughter And parallel mothers, will receive the award respectively.

In a year with a historic Spanish appearance at the major awards—Javier Bardem and Alberto Iglesias, in addition to Cruz—the great revelation, however, belongs to Alberto Milgo, who until recently is almost unknown to everyone, for Best Short Film. Animation by A Candi Wonderful Windshelter Wiper. Another bet for the arts, for the risk and for the easy escape. One who could guide a new academy with little compromise, one of these last two years, and not one of victories A Beautiful Mind, Crash, Slumdog Millionaire And some other disaster.

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