Sergio Dalma: “Pandemic saved me from making my new album”

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Sergio Dalma: “Pandemic saved me from making my new album”
Sergio Dalma: "Pandemic saved me from making my new album" Listen to this article

Music as Medicine. Sergio Dalma (57-year-old Sabadell) felt the same way when, after confinement and during the pandemic’s most complicated months, his team proposed that he begin shaping a new album, Joy (Sony Music). “It was a hook to life”, synthesizes the composer, “a very strong feeling”. A little earlier, just two years ago, their visit 30 … some, To celebrate three decades on stage, he suddenly stopped with the running of the bulls. So coming up with new songs in times of absolute uncertainty was a gift for the singer. “Saved me from setting my new record.” This is how Dalma told SER series journalist Laura Pinero, with whom he spoke on 16 March at the Teatro Real in Madrid on the occasion of his new release. The meeting is part of EL PAÍS+’s program of special activities.

Joy, the singer’s twenty-first album and with which he had already filled the Vizink Center in Madrid in January, comes intended to raise public enthusiasm. Arguably, this has been one of the albums that Dalma has enjoyed the most during its making. Especially for this time, but also because of the time he has dedicated to it. Emotions surfaced, and upon receiving it from the record company more than one song affected him. “The themes were a hook to life, burning the bad, wishing for good things. When I received them, I listened to them in my studio, let them rest, intertwined them and commented on them with the song’s author.

If anything seems to define the musician’s album, which has 10 songs plus two versions and “a lot of thought to live”, it is precisely the life situation in which Dalma finds himself. Now that he doesn’t live in Madrid, he lives in a small town in Emporda, where he enjoys the little things: he goes to the market, takes pictures with people, pleases the town team and enjoys his Enjoys parents, probably the main reason why he decided to return to his native. “I enter 60 straight away with more desire than ever,” he says of this new phase. And he also covered a song from the album in Catalan, san juan night, The rest are in Spanish. life, heaven with me or Damned Life is the title of some songs.

During talks at Real, the singer reviewed anecdotes from his career, his pending subjects such as the degree of Philology he never finished, his debut in the Barcelona Orchestra where ballroom dances were held, or that trip to Madrid. , being very young, was looking for a writer who would compose the lyrics for his debut album. He was talking about Luis Gómez-Escolar, “one of the best Spanish-speaking songwriters”.

In the meeting which lasted for about one and a half hours, the musician sang several songs with piano and guitar. like something new for love in art, the first single from the album. Other great classics, such as dance up closeWhich roused the people from their seats also. Paradoxically, Dalma recalled during the interview, he had set foot two years earlier in the same theater in which he celebrated his 30-year career. On occasion, in a smaller and more intimate space in the Guerre del Real room, the small group of spectators had time to ask a few questions, although the composer acknowledged that the format was imposed on him. A veteran, world-renowned artist with 21 albums behind her, with over 4 million copies sold and a full schedule of concerts slated for 2022, confirmed this: “I was terrified even before I left. It scares me more than a big concert,” he said. It would not be because of the kind questions from his followers.

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