‘Separation’: Nightmare jobs that ask to blow everything away: an invasion of labor dystopia in fiction

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‘Separation’: Nightmare jobs that ask to blow everything away: an invasion of labor dystopia in fiction
'Separation': Nightmare jobs that ask to blow everything away: an invasion of labor dystopia in fiction Listen to this article

Will a microchip be implanted in the brain to separate the memories of professional life from personal ones? Would you work for a company that makes sure personal problems stay at home and professionals stay at work? What if our jobs no longer define us as people because no one will be able to remember what they do when they are not working? It is a professional horizon offered by Lumon Industries, the troubled company that starred in the television series Separation (Severance) From Apple TV+, a workplace dystopia directed by Ben Stiller. In this Thriller With a suffocating comic touch, Adam Scott puts himself in the place of Mark, a widower unable to bear the pain after the death of his wife, who takes this enigmatic order to forget his grief for a while each day. decides to work in the company. Neither Mark nor the rest of the workers know what they were doing with their lives before they entered, nor will they remember what happened in that office after they left. Two parallel lives that intersect when the head of their department goes missing and questions arise about what Luman Industries is really hiding.

two decades later forget about me, Michel Gondry’s classic that picked up on what if we could erase the memory of a broken love, now challenges us with a plot centered around the fantasy of getting the damn job out of our heads. A most pertinent plot considering the effects of telecommunications in these two years of the pandemic, when millions of people start sending emails in their pajamas and continue to receive WhatsApp messages from their bosses before closing their eyes, the table shows several The clinical concerns about work and debates about great resignations (millions of employees resign in the US since the appearance of the coronavirus) dominate the conversation because of the temptation to resign from rotten systems. So it should come as no surprise that the series likes Separation And a whole new crop of cultural artifacts delve into how work pervades everything and has become our worst nightmare.

In the 'Separation' series, the workers faint upon reaching their office and wake up without remembering anything about their personal lives.
In the ‘Separation’ series, the workers faint upon reaching their office and wake up without remembering anything about their personal lives.Apple TV+

life, what life?

“It seems that history is somewhere else, that life is somewhere else, but no: life is almost entirely in the works, increasingly thin and scattered, and whose domain extends to our intimacy.” Screenwriter and writer for Yaiza Berocal (Linars del Wallace, age 31), author of curling, one of the most daring and imaginative novels of the season, is a real goldmine in labor fiction in contemporary fiction. “We have to pay attention to the dark sun that illuminates our day to day. What happens to us when we work, who do we become, do we become oblivious to ourselves afterwards? Where do we go when we leave work? What exactly are we doing when we work is really a puzzle, and it gets bigger and bigger and the more absurd our work is”, 2020 Calderon Day for New Writers with Drama The winner of the La Barca Prize explains. cold chain,

Berocal debuts as a novel with an acid humor labor dystopia in which a gray and madman, Eusebio Morcillo, one of the city’s most important opera houses, the Gran Teatro del Wallhall, a company that practices the techniques, Experience becomes a facilitator. Uberization With its workers and in which a great rebellion is going on. A free text that mixes traditional narrative with chapters that imitate the language of labor processes, the absurdist way of business email and even a “coach Oncological” is in charge of “finding the magic” that exists in workers to make it profitable. “I wanted to write the violence I saw at the garbage jobs not as a complaint, but to make sense of them literary,” says Berocal, who works as an usher at the Liceu in Barcelona, ​​sub-contracted by ETT. “These extreme uncertainties are very well hidden under the cover of cultural capital. It seems that if work is related to culture then it cannot be rubbish”, he added.

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The pages of 'Curling' include Power Point slides on Coach's course on understanding the absurdity of Business Newspeak.
The pages of ‘Curling’ include Power Point slides on Coach’s course on understanding the absurdity of Business Newspeak.Courtesy of Hurtado & Ortega

Feather curling, Bosses do not talk of salary, but “monetary present” as remuneration will be based on customer’s happiness. The word “company” is not used because they prefer to think of themselves as “one big family” and workers with a union spirit are “toxic people who turn our energy into sadness or anger, who make us think too much”. are and lose theirs”. Way”. Berocal sums up part of his experience in the text: “When I was a beginner, I had something very valuable. He insisted that we do not just watch the audience: we were part of the show because the show started when the audience entered the theatre. In the end, it was impossible to distinguish what the role was and what we were”.

right to do nothing

Is work health? this is the city the hero lives in rushing wind hiss, Lauka Butzbach’s first lengthy graphic novel (Fontenay-sous-Bois, 40 Years Old) translated by Joanna Caro and Cesar Sánchez for Fulgencio Pimentel Publishing House. A delicate anarchist narrative that is an appreciation of the right to do nothing and that serves as a metaphor about the world only here threatens to crush a vast potato population while its inhabitants learn an uncomfortable truth. Let’s argue that everyone kept quiet: no one likes to work. “Today work is highly promoted as a value. It is important to reject that idea”, explains Butzbach, who says in line with his work: “If we were intelligent, we should let the machines do all the work for us and restrict the rich so that we don’t have to . to enrich someone. ,

Vignette in 'The Whistle When From the Air' by Luca Butzbach.
Vignette in ‘The Whistle When From the Air’ by Luca Butzbach.Fulgencio Pimentel

He isn’t the only cheater who has focused on the meaning of the work. This criticism also exists supersaur (Blackie Books, 2022), a fresh, simple and addictive debut from Merim El Mehdati (Rabat, age 32), a young woman who was a month old in Gran Canaria and who imagines the absurdity of the relationships and work routines of a large Canarian supermarket . The series through the eyes of a disbelieving apprentice with System. A girl who observes how workers “burn and wither before their time” among those walls and who believes “the Stanford prison experiment is bullshit compared to what happens in a normal office.”

El Mehdati has written a novel about identification with a generation gap in a society surrounded by work. “For those of us my age, the divide between personal and work tends to be a little clearer,” he says. “It’s a bit of a two-way resentment: You know they’re stealing from you, but you’re with it because you need those months or years of experience before you can move to another company. They know that if you’re ‘cheap’ you can outrun them in a short period of time, but they stick around because the company is their family and they don’t give up on the family”, he adds.

Covers of 'Curling' (Hurtado and Ortega, 2022) and 'Supersorio' (Blackie Books, 2022).
Covers of ‘Curling’ (Hurtado and Ortega, 2022) and ‘Supersorio’ (Blackie Books, 2022).Doctor

to the philosopher Eudald Espluga (Girona, age 32), who delves into Don’t Be Yourself, Notes on a Tired Generation (Lumen, 2021) All these new fantasies, about the collapse of the system, are most relevant in “offering relief” at a time of growing global concern, about the effects of society of exhaustion trapped in a culture of performance. “I think that fixation with work has to do with the moment of saturation and general fatigue. About Coincidence Publications burn out [síndrome del trabajador quemado]Great resignation happens in America, the pandemic has questioned our relationship with the work environment and discourses on work automation and universal basic income are firmly emerging. And everything happens in a climate emergency context, where uncertainty and a lack of credible alternatives under neoliberalism emphasize the absurdity of sanctifying the principle of productivity. ,

A sentiment that summarizes Antonella, one of the heroes of Whistling sound of moving wind: “I don’t believe it for a second! ‘Work is health’, they say… what should you listen to”.

Vignette in 'The Whistle When From the Air' by Luca Butzbach.
Vignette in ‘The Whistle When From the Air’ by Luca Butzbach.Fulgencio Pimentel

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