Samsung battery technology adapted from electric vehicles could extend iPhone battery life

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Samsung battery technology adapted from electric vehicles could extend iPhone battery life
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Samsung plans to use a similar battery production technology to make more energy-dense smartphone batteries for electric vehicles, a move that could improve the battery life of future iPhone models. could. Election reports,

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Samsung’s battery and power division, Samsung SDI, intends to use a production technology it currently uses to make fifth-generation batteries for electric vehicles (EVs) to make batteries for tablets and smartphones, according to the sources Election, Instead of the often rolled-up jelly roll method to make rechargeable batteries, the EV method stacks battery material in layers to increase energy density by more than 10 percent without taking up much internal space.

The company is said to be modifying production lines in South Korea to be able to make new batteries, and has already built a pilot line for the stacking method in China. Election There are proposals that Samsung may want to receive orders from Apple for a new type of battery. Samsung SDI has supplied batteries for MacBook and iPad models in the past, but has never made a battery for the iPhone. At present, Apple’s main battery supplier is Amperex Technology of China.

Apple currently uses L-shaped multi-cell batteries in the iPhone, where multiple batteries are attached to maximize internal space and extend battery life. Higher power density batteries could allow Apple to move away from multi-cell designs, freeing up internal space and making the iPhone lighter without sacrificing battery life, or retaining the same design and extending battery life marginally. Is.

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