Samsung aims to supply OLED screens for iPads and MacBooks

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Samsung aims to supply OLED screens for iPads and MacBooks Listen to this article

Samsung is planning to build a new production line in South Korea to manufacture large OLED screens for tablets and laptops, with the ultimate goal of fulfilling orders for the company’s future Apple products, according to the company. Election,

Old iPad and MacBook Pro Notch
Election previously reported that Apple plans to release its first iPad Pro model with an OLED screen in 2024 and said that Samsung will produce screens for those models in one of its existing lines. Samsung’s future production line will be located in a separate factory and will be capable of manufacturing OLED displays large enough for laptops, paving the way for the OLED-enabled MacBook Pro, rumored to launch in 2025 or later.

Apple has been transitioning its iPad and MacBook lines to mini-LED displays for the past year, and OLED will be the next step after that. Unlike mini-LED screens, OLED panels use self-emitting pixels and do not require a backlight, which can improve contrast ratio and contribute to longer battery life in future iPad and MacBook models . Apple already uses OLED displays for its latest iPhones and all Apple Watch models.

Meanwhile, Apple is planning more devices with mini-LED screens, including a new 27-inch monitor that could essentially be the Studio Display Pro.

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