Russian ultranationalists accuse Kremlin of progress in talks with Ukraine

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Russian ultranationalists accuse Kremlin of progress in talks with Ukraine Listen to this article

When Vladimir Putin ordered his troops to “condemn” the whole of Ukraine on February 24, staunch supporters of the war thought the time had come for his crusade to protect the “Russian world”. The president, who denounced Volodymyr Zelensky’s government as a “regime led by narcotics and neo-Nazis”, promised to recover Ukraine for his cause. And a year earlier, in an article he wrote about the brotherhood of the two countries, Putin said that Kyiv was the “mother of all Russian cities” and its people, a nation with a 1,000-year history. Therefore, negotiations with the enemy that may proceed a remain so The invasion, practically the same as before the war, has created a stir among civilians defending the economic, military and ideological environment of the Russian President.

One of the most obvious faces of anger has been that of Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov, one of the heroes of the “liberation of Ukraine” so far in the Russian press. ,Peace be upon you [que la paz sea con vosotros]Dear friends. I read on different Telegram channels that Ukraine has won, Russia is going and talks will take place”, Kadyrov began the video recorded at night. “We are fighters and we do not agree with these negotiations or their agreements. It is the political will of our President and it should be so, but we are fighters who fight and we ask the government, the President, to allow him to finish what he started,” his message concluded.

A few hours earlier, the head of the Russian negotiating team, Vladimir Medinsky, blessed the “constructive” tone of his talks with Ukrainians, who applied to join NATO in exchange for guarantees of their sovereignty, to negotiate the situation. will be ready for The Donbass region was “independently recognized by the Kremlin just before its invasion”, and dealt with the situation in Crimea, annexed by Russia in 2014 over a period of 15 years. In other words, a situation similar to the one that existed before the attack, with the exception of the southern strip of Ukraine, which joins the Black Sea peninsula with the Donbass, was practically captured by Russia in its invasion of Mariupol. was taken. As a show of confidence, the Russian Defense Ministry announced that it would “significantly reduce military operations” in the Kyiv and Chernihiv regions.

However, not everyone agrees to leave the Ukrainian capital, threatened by the Russian military for more than a month. “We must finish what we have started, not stop. We have to go to Kyiv. If we stand around, I am sure that we will enter Kyiv and put things in order, ”Kadyrov also said this Tuesday at a huge military rally in Grozny. Once he learned of the progress of the talks, the Chechen leader hardened his tone, despite speaking with a cynical smile. “Ukraine has terrorists and extremists from 52 countries. as long as flagman [colaboradores de los alemanes contra Stalin]Nazi or fighters Satan Islamic [espíritu maligno]Ukraine will not be able to lead a normal life. Either we destroy them or we imprison them for life.”

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In addition to Kadyrov, who went from fighting alongside his father against the Russians in the Chechen wars to leading his own republic and army after ceding his support to Putin, there are two factions surrounding the Kremlin. One is made up of liberals and oligarchs, which are more open to the West and wary of war because of harsh sanctions, and the other is made up of a more nationalist wing. The far-right sociologist Alexander Dugin is an exponent of this field. One of Putin’s ideological references, a staunch defender that Russia is a civilization with the Eurasian Project against the Western Bloc and its values, showed his dismay on Tuesday, as he did in 2015, in the then-Donbass war across Ukraine. not to be advanced.

“I understand everyone’s concern, but Kadyrov speaks not only on his own behalf, on behalf of all Chechens, on behalf of all soldiers, not on behalf of our people, but also on behalf of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief. [Putin]”, wrote the ideologue on his Telegram channel. “This is the beginning of the operation. (…) We must muster up courage. And further, only further”, he insisted.

Less obvious is Colonel Igor Girkin Strelkov, a former member of the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB), the former KGB who broke into a covert operation in the Donbass in 2014 to start the war. The former Defense Minister of the Donetsk People’s Republic, who still has his audience, was very critical in a debate on Roy TV channel. “There are many people in the Kremlin who propose to surrender, but it is impossible. Any de-escalation would be a step towards surrender. As with the Minsk Protocol, Kyiv will sign and will not abide by anything,” he said.

“The Russian Armed Forces have suffered serious losses. They cannot take Kyiv, they cannot take Kharkov, they have not been able to take Mariupol for several weeks and Europe is watching all this. Where is the third largest army in the world after America and China? Strelkov expressed surprise, saying that Moscow had two options: a massive mobilization of troops and arms factories or a ceasefire, which, in his opinion, would allow Ukraine to regroup. “I think the Kremlin has yet to make a decision,” he said, “whether to call in the reserves, 200,000 men or more, because facing an enemy with low mobilization and a high-quality arsenal would be nonsense.”

One of the promoters of the first invasion of 2014 was ultra-Orthodox businessman Konstantin Malofeyev, another of the nationalist voices in the Kremlin. His channel Zargrad TV (Constantinople in Old Slavonic) opened its web portal with the title “Russians, Russians do not deceive”. “The results of the Istanbul talks with the representatives of the Kyiv junta have shocked millions of Russians. Is this stupidity, betrayal or worse, a mistake?”, began the article where he tried to find out “are the Russian people ready to surrender”. In any case, he warned that “it is too early to end the special operation in Ukraine.”

message in press

Yesterday, the opinion of readers of the Kremlin-friendly media was on the same lines in the news about the meeting in Istanbul. Among the hundreds of comments on the article in the Russian version of Russia Today The word “betrayal” stood out. One reader said, “Do we need to eliminate the Nazis first and then settle with them?” Another pointed out that it was a signing of “Minsk 3.0″ to return to another unsolved problem. And on the Roy TV portal, phrases like this: “Many patriots are disappointed with these talks. How many declarations of victory were there today in the propaganda of the enemy?”, and: “It turns out that Kadyrov is more patriotic than our generals?”.

These criticisms also included confusion among citizens about a campaign that “… oscillates between Disclaimer of Ukraine” and “Special Operations for the Security of the Donetsk and Lugansk Republics”. “Then why was this done?” A reader asked. “It means our soldiers have given their lives in vain,” lamented another.

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