Referendum in Hungary: Orban fails in his attempt to legalize homophobic law against LGTBI material in schools Listen to this article

The only thing this election Sunday that went wrong for ultra-conservative populist Viktor Orban – who secured his fourth consecutive supremacy and fifth term of his career – was the referendum with which he sought to legitimize his homophobic legislation. tried. The rule approved last summer prohibits talking about homosexuality in schools and limits such content in the media. Orban intended to show his voters’ support in front of Brussels, which opened an infringement process for legislation he considers discriminatory against the LGTBI community.

The question asked voters four questions, such as: “Do you support promoting sex reassignment treatment for minors?” and “Do you support the unrestricted exposure in the media of sexual material that may affect children’s development?”. The Hatter Society, the largest organization to protect the rights of the LGTBI community in Hungary, coordinated with other organizations, running a campaign to promote zero turnout while crossing yes and no on ballots at the same time. This worked: The query failed because Has not obtained a minimum of 50% of valid votes Of those issued – 44% were correct ballots and the other 20% were invalid, the National Election Office reported in Efe.

In a conversation two days before the referendum, Luca Dudits of the Hatter Society assured that Hungarians are not gay, according to several polls conducted after the law’s approval last summer. 70% support same-sex marriage and adoption by these couples and 90% agree that children are informed about sexuality and gender according to their age, according to those surveys.

So, Dudits explained, the government’s approach was to “protect children from corruption.” Through the pro-government propaganda apparatus, the message has penetrated among Orban’s ultra-Orthodox and Christian voter bases. Retired Maria Szabo, 72, after voting in Budapest, “declared herself against it for confusing the genders and exposing this gender to children.” “Inside their homes, these perverted people can do whatever they want, but leave others alone, and above all, children,” he said.

Behind Szabo’s words were the words of Orban, who repeatedly said that the “gender madness” had to stop. The slogan most repeated by the Prime Minister during the referendum campaign is: “Mothers are women, fathers are men, our children must be quiet and our families must be protected.”

Although the referendum did not go ahead and there were aspects of the law that were difficult to enforce, according to Dudits, the damage has already been done. There has been an increase in the number of cases of assault and harassment of people in the group since the summer. When the government promotes this type of legislation and this narrative, “hate crimes and violence against social minorities increase,” activists say. In several cases, the attackers reiterated: “It can be seen by my children.”

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Following Orban’s campaigns against migrants and asylum seekers; against NGOs funded by foreign capital; against millionaire philanthropist George Soros; And against the homeless, the LGTBI has become the new enemy designated by the collective state. “They need a scapegoat. It works for them to gain political momentum, put themselves in the role of protector and show themselves as protector of nation, family and Christian values,” condemned Dudits.

The Organization for Cooperation and Security in Europe, which sent more than 300 international delegates to oversee this Sunday’s elections, said on Monday that “the legal framework for the same-day referendum was largely inadequate for the democratic process”. . Did not provide equal opportunity for referendum campaigns. ,

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