Real Madrid: Benzema, a cat among rats

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Real Madrid: Benzema, a cat among rats Listen to this article

Real Madrid’s excellent goalkeeping coach Luis Lopis kisses Karim Benzema at the end of the match against Chelsea and I wondered if my friend Luis had anything to do with this new ability that we discovered in Benzema to “steal” goals Is. Goalkeeper pressure and creating panic in the final defender, in this case from Chelsea, on the other hand, the brilliant Eduard Mendy.

Because it turns out that Benzema discovers a new quality in every game as if he were a newcomer to the league, one of those we don’t know and that each game shows something different or one of those we’ve already seen. We have listed and break the mold in each party that we created to tell us that it is sometimes very difficult to classify.

Going back to the French striker from Real Madrid, we wouldn’t say that he is a huge header and when he started his career after a one-two with Vinicius, he was able to break a defense with a space behind him. A classic action for, we bet that play had several options with his right foot finishing, determined to finish as many passes as possible behind the firm, Brazilian winger. But no, Benzema went looking for a good, hot air ball, which gave him a definite advantage of putting a front in the middle of the race in practice of accuracy between his speed, the ball’s trajectory, and his position. With regard to the goal, in one of those shots that would be said to be typical of a classic British 9 against the backdrop of London. His style would be more that second header, subtle, fine, in which he placed the ball with elegant accuracy on the opposite post, which the London goalkeeper was running, and with which he struck down a center, no less subtle, no less. not elegant. , Luka Modric.

But he runs in the first minute of the second half, not to forget minute one, the ball is completely controlled by Mendy, with no real choice or scheduled or expected or anything like creating a goal chance or even that forcing Mendy to play an uncomfortable ball that could return the ball to Real Madrid’s possession, an action typical of forwards who were going to put pressure on it, but in fact they The thing they were looking for was to be passed by the ball and be able to say that they had already attempted to retrieve it. Come on, one of those tasks used to be called “facing the gallery,” but when Benzema executes it, it’s become a scoring opportunity. Come on, some algorithm will turn that defensive back pass into a play with the expectation of a goal if the KB variable is added to it. And don’t say, let’s say you still feel like a goalkeeper, not a goalkeeper, we were warned, that the Madrid-PSG video has already given the clues and, finally, that Benzema is going to be too. Has been a titan of pressure and intimidation. One more nuance to add to the robot portrait of the French striker.

In any case, and since I started my lesson with that kiss from Lopis to Benzema, I’d love to enjoy that greeting, hug, kiss or bow that good old Lopis made to Courtois. Know whether it’s on the grass, covered in the rain or in the pristine London dressing room. The things that goalkeepers say to each other without words, with just a glance, a gesture or a wink of praise and joy. One of them is a look that says everything without saying anything.

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