Rare Apple-1 computer signed by Steve Wozniak up for auction

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Rare Apple-1 computer signed by Steve Wozniak up for auction Listen to this article

Have an original and working Apple-1 computer up for auction on ebay, where you can get hundreds of thousands of dollars. The Apple-1 computer available for sale is known as the Apple-1 “Schlumberger 2” and has been restored to working order.

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The device, one of dozens of remaining Apple-1 computers, is said to display “nearly all period-correct components” with “the appropriate make, part, and production date for the Apple-1 ‘NTI’ board”, With the exception of some multiplexer ICs.

The Schlumberger 2 Apple-1 is a second-batch Apple-1 computer originally purchased in 1977 by an executive at the Schlumberger Overseas Oilfield Services Company. The Apple-1 is considered one of the last Apple-1 computers. In the Jobs family garage in late 1976 or early 1977.

Jimmy Grewal of the AAPL Collection holds the Apple-1 computer, which, due to its original condition and components, is expected to sell for approximately $485,000. The Schlumberger 2 Apple-1 is signed by Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak and the auction will run until June 12.

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The Apple-1 was the first Apple product created by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak when Apple Computer was founded, and few of the original 200 remain.

The first batch of Apple-1s went up for auction in May and sold for over $460,000, and in November 2021, an Apple-1 with a koa wooden case sold for $500,000. Other Apple-1 computers have sold for more than $815,000, with rare machines selling for more money.

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