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Rafa Castaño, winner of ‘Pasapalbara’: “When I won, Orestes ran through my mind the whole time, he’s the best competitor in history”

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from bridge and without giving your opponent the option to start. Rafa Castaño (Sevilla, 32 years old) wins in Password This was unique for several reasons. He has been the winner of the biggest jackpot awarded in the history of the program at 2,272,000 Euros. His confrontation with Orestes Barbaro during 197 broadcasts in the most recent episode, to which should be added the 41 occasions in which he has already been measured on Telecinco, is also the history of Spanish television competitions. This Thursday, in a program that aired during prime time and was watched by 4,578,000 viewers (an impressive 37.4% audience share), viewers of Password They could see how the Sevillian finished Roscoe’s 25 words in one go, from A to Z, without a single pass and without hesitation.

“I was concentrating like every day,” Rafa Castaño told EL Pas this Friday. So, what difference do you think you made to pull off a never-before-seen feat, solving the entire Roscoe in one fell swoop? “I think it was the dynamics of Roscos in recent weeks, where the encyclopedic words were perhaps more accessible from time to time. I studied and reviewed very well in those last few weeks, some lists that I had of dictionary words and encyclopedia words, and I was lucky to hit the mark with that study,” he is now more shows calmness.

Castaño is already a classic of televised competitions. 13 years ago he started trying his luck in the Nahar Sur program Guess who’s who. Between 2014 and 2015 he participated in the Dean of Spanish Competition, know and win, There he reached 100 events in two batches and was named Supermagnificent by winning the Magnificent Tournament (competitors who exceed 7,000 accumulated prize money) of his year. To Password It came while it was still being aired on Telecinco and was presented by Christian Gálvez. There he could be seen three times: in 2015, 2017 and 2019. It was in this final phase that he first met Orestes Barbaro, and with him he competed in 41 programs, until a sentence forced Telecinco to stop broadcasting the program. , Barbaro and Castaño were the first contestants then drag, Q&A space that filled the gap left by the channel Password, Already on Antena 3, and with Roberto Leal as presenter, Rafa Castaño returned to the contest on June 1, 2022.

Rafa Castaño and Orestes Barbaro in the program 'Pasapalbara', broadcast this Thursday.
Rafa Castaño and Orestes Barbaro in the program ‘Pasapalbara’, broadcast this Thursday.

Adding to their participation in Antena 3 and Telecinco, Orestes and Rafa faced each other in 238 matches. Password, The victory of the second this Thursday includes the termination of the first program according to the rules of the space. Therefore, this climax had a bitter taste for the spectators and also for the winner himself. His first thoughts when Lyle said that the last answer was correct were to his opponent: “To be honest, Orestes comes into my mind all the time at that point, hence my obviously cold reaction. not that i was in ShockAlthough I imagine that even a little, but he felt a little sad because he didn’t get what he deserved”, explains the Sevillian.

The healthy competition and friendship built over these months between the Sevilleans and Burgos has been evident on screen. For this reason, when Castaño won, he apologized to Barbaro. “I know it was a very tough drink for him. I told him that I was sure he would come back in a few years Password With a boat long enough and he’ll take it as far as it deserves to take his Roscoe. he seems to me to be the best competitor in the history of Password, and I hope that life will reward him as he deserves”, says Rafa Castaño. Following his opponent’s victory, Orestes, the contestant who has accumulated the most participation in the program, congratulates the winner and asks the audience not to feel sorry for him, winning the prize of 215,400 euros accumulated so far. Is.

Rafa Castaño and Orestes Barbaro hug after winning the first 'Pasapalbra' jackpot in the presence of Roberto Leal.
Rafa Castaño and Orestes Barbaro hug after winning the first ‘Pasapalbra’ jackpot in the presence of Roberto Leal.

The confrontation between Orestes and Rafa has been experienced with particular intensity on Twitter, where dozens of followers met every afternoon to comment on their plays. As has happened on other occasions, some of those comments claimed that the donuts of recent times were somewhat easier for Castano than for Barbaro. “You have to make a relatable case for the comments. I am sure many of the people who write don’t really know those words, and if they do, I invite them to come to the program because they are missing a golden opportunity to make money ”, Winner responded to accusations of favoritism and of Tongo.

Rafa Castaño joins a select group of such winners Password, In this second phase of the competition on Antena 3, only three contestants have managed to complete Rosco: Pablo Diaz (1,828,000 Euros), Sofía Álvarez (466,000 Euros) and Castaño. Other prize winners of the contest were Fran Gonzalez (1,542,000 euros), Paz Herrera (1,310,000 euros), David Leo (1,866,000), Antonio Ruiz (1,164,000), Lilit Manukyan (318,000), Cesar Garrido (1,524,000) and Eduardo Benito. Joe in 2006 and with Jaime Cantizano as presenter, was the winner of 2,190,000 euros, the biggest jackpot ever in the program.

how much is left in the treasury

In this participation, Castaño received 127,000 euros. Password, However, winning the jackpot won’t put that money in your pocket. The 2,272,000 euros he won won’t even reach him, but a significant portion will have to be allocated to taxes. On the one hand, the tax agency keeps 26% of the prize, which is reserved directly by the manufacturer. The rest of the money is taxed based on the declarant’s autonomous community, in this case, Andalusia, with a personal income tax rate of 23.7%, the maximum there. In other words, once the associated withholding is deducted, Rafa Castaño will be left with 1,212,816 euros. Password,

Rafa Castaño after winning the 'Pasapalabra' jackpot.
Rafa Castaño after winning the ‘Pasapalabra’ jackpot.

What will Rafa do with the money? “Now I need a few months to think about it calmly, it’s a lot of money, I have a lot of time. But, obviously, invest the money in a diversified manner and think in the long term”, she concludes.

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