Queen Elizabeth II seen in public for the Duke of Edinburgh’s farewell five months later

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Queen Elizabeth II seen in public for the Duke of Edinburgh’s farewell five months later
Queen Elizabeth II seen in public for the Duke of Edinburgh's farewell five months later Listen to this article

Queen Elizabeth II, close family, distant family, the European royal house, diplomatic and security forces, current and past politicians and even the scorned Prince Andrew attended this Tuesday, March 29, marking his one year Death 10 days later, it appears to be the final farewell to the Duke of Edinburgh, who had been the Queen’s husband for more than seven decades. From 10:30 in the morning (London time, another hour in mainland Spain) Westminster Abbey, where Elizabeth and Philip were married in November 1947, organized a good union of British society and aristocracy for the funeral of the royal wife. part is welcomed. Who died in April 2021.

The event, public but at the same time attended by the family (royal families who have done so at the monarch’s explicit invitation), has been the first occasion in five months to see Elizabeth II publicly, and also the first Since the coronavirus passed a month ago. This is eventually seen beyond the photographs, without motion pictures, that were published at this time. With the help of a cane, the Queen is accompanied by her son Andres by car and to the altar of Westminster, which two and a half years earlier had become infamous for her relationship with Jeffrey Epstein, who created her. Withdrew from public life in November 2019. Elizabeth II sat next to her heir, Prince Charles; There Andres is seated on a second bench next to his younger brother and is already away from the main institutional figures.

The Queen and her four children—Carlos, Ana, Andrés and Eduardo—are accompanied by their respective companions, children and grandchildren. In addition, most of Europe’s ruling families have been present at the religious service. The kings of Spain, Felipe and Letizia, are joined by Queen Margarita of Denmark; as well as the Swedish kings Carlos Gustavo and Sylvia; King Philip and Matilde of Belgium; Kings William and Maxima of the Netherlands, with the Emperor’s mother, former Queen and now Princess Beatriz; Grand Duchess Maria Teresa of Luxembourg; Prince Albert of Monaco (without Charlene); and Crown Prince of Bahrain. Ana Maria de Graecia has also joined the delegation, although without her husband Constantino, who is in poor health, and their two children: Pablo with his wife Marie-Chantal and Felipe with Nina Flohr. Kirill of Bulgaria, son of Simeon of Bulgaria, the last king of the country, was also present in the mass. Norway’s king has been absent, heralds illness from coronavirus.

King Felipe and Queen Letizia at Westminster Abbey on March 29, 2022.
King Felipe and Queen Letizia at Westminster Abbey on March 29, 2022.Matt Dunham (AP)

Despite knowing firsthand, the absence of Henry of England and his wife Meghan Markle has been notorious. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex and their two children live in California, United States, and have decided not to be a part of this funeral farewell to Enrique’s grandfather, who attended the small funeral held at Windsor Castle last April Were. Yes, his elder brother Guillermo and his wife Kate have recently arrived from their controversial tour of the Caribbean. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have arrived at the abbey with their two eldest children, George and Carlota, ages eight and six, having kissed their first hand there.

There were readings and speeches at the service, and finally, the national anthem was played. For the occasion, men have worn suits—despite the fact that there was talk of uniforms before, they seem to have been eventually discarded—while women have chosen darker colors, some black and others, such as that Elizabeth II, Camilla of Cornwall, Anne of England, or Queen Letizia, dark green, a color that gives relief of mourning, is not as solemn as black, and is associated with Scotland, the land from which the Queen’s late husband The title comes. For the occasion, the wife of Felipe VI wears a coat-dress with a short headdress in the same tone from the Balel hat shop in Madrid.

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