Prosecutor’s office upholds eight-year prison request for football player Santi Mina for sexual assault

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Prosecutor's office upholds eight-year prison request for football player Santi Mina for sexual assault Listen to this article

The trial of Celta de Vigo striker Santi Mina and UD Ibiza defender David Golder, for an alleged sexual assault committed in Mojacar (Almeria) in the summer of 2017, will be sentenced this Friday while awaiting the defense of the Galician footballer. destination. After the third season, the prosecutor’s office has sought eight years in prison for the first-class footballer and the acquittal of his partner, who is cited as a witness, while private prosecution has sought nine years and six years. Monthly request is insisted upon. In prison for the first, as the main offender, and the same sentence for the second, which he considers a necessary accomplice. The defense has argued that the relationship was consensual and has requested a free acquittal.

“It is difficult for me to think, with all the evidence, that it can be concluded that the events did not happen,” said the prosecutor during his final turn to intervene. “They were two tall, athletic men in a small space,” he said. Despite everything, as he did in his initial indictment, he has only maintained the charge against Meena as the author of the offense of sexual assault as typed in Articles 178 and 179 of the Penal Code. It will now be the judge who must determine, among other things, that Golder has consensually intervened as a necessary accomplice, if requested by the private prosecution.

The victim’s lawyer has assured in his final report that the footballers had offered her 400,000 euros to change their version and not involve them in the alleged sexual assault. Golder’s defense replied that it was she who addressed the accused “and put some more void”, adding that her story is “unusual”.

Throughout this week, the statements of forensic doctors, psychologists who had allegedly attended the assault woman and Civil Guard agents who had gone to the spot in the early hours of June 16, 2017, made the statements of the accused very compromising. left in position. , These, like the victim and her friends – who intervened as witnesses – testified behind closed doors last Monday at the request of the private prosecution, “to preserve the strictest confidentiality of the victim, especially the vulnerable Great Psychologist.” In view of the condition which he is suffering even today. ”, according to his lawyer Ivan Bolano.

Forensic doctors who intervened last Wednesday confirmed that the “four extragenital injuries and one genital” the woman presented during her investigation were “consistent and plausible” with the sexual assault she reported, and It also reported that she was “nervous and anxious” during her medical examination and “rejected the gynecological examination” that was performed on her. Forensic evidence suggests that the relationship with Golder was “consensual.”

The Civil Guard also confirmed the version of events detailed by the prosecutor’s office in the indictment. Agents said they received a call for help from one of the victim’s friends because she could not find her partner and had been “a long time” since she left. When they went to the spot, a caravan was standing near a famous night club, they found the complainant along with his friends and the local police. She told them that she was voluntarily having sex with Golder inside the vehicle when Meena came in and put its member in her mouth. When the agents arrived, as they explained, two football players were dressed and the girl “who was nervous” didn’t mind. The two were “cooperative”, though Golder seemed “more calm” than Mina.

In its summary, the prosecutor’s office indicates that the Celta striker—then among the ranks of Valencia—”with a sense of a libido and to satisfy his sexual appetite, despite the apparent desire of the victim to the contrary, completely naked entered the caravan.” “Look girl, I like you a lot and I think we should do something,” said Meena. When he told her he was with Golder, he came out but went back inside and forced himself on her, first “putting his penis in her mouth without asking” and then “putting three fingers in her vagina” “.

attempt to defame the victim

In addition to the physical sequelae described by forensic experts, the aggression caused the young woman “severe depression, an almost chronic state of sadness, anxious symptomatology and a very negative perception of herself that she did not have before,” the description said. As contributed by a psychologist at the Institute of Legal Medicine of Almería.

Mina’s defense, used by lawyer Fatima Rodriguez, on Wednesday sought to discredit the woman’s psychological consequences by calling one of several private detectives hired by the football player in 2019 to see if her “a Had a normal social life”. Rodriguez asked the detective if he was “wearing a skirt and tight clothes” when he was following her. The man replied that “it was her normal dress” and added that at the time she “went to the beach, went to the movies and had a drink”, “normally”.

That inquiry, which caused a stir in the room, was cut short by testimony from experts, who drew attention to the fact that the behavior of a victim of sexual assault is “not linear.” “Their symptoms are compatible with the facts they are concerned with. Psychologists said that the victim of sexual assault can lead a normal life as her emotional state is not a straight line but a saw-tooth, depending on the professional help and the medicines she takes.

Meena’s lawyer insisted on this defamatory tactic on Thursday. When asked whether the “anxiety and anxiety” shown by the victim could be “consistent with another disorder”, psychologists provided by the defense said they were “exaggeration of symptoms” or “delusions”. There could be reasons.

“What the defendant is looking for with this type of strategy is for the court to give a superficial explanation of the impact on the victim of a traumatic event, to try to question their lifestyle and to show that all their changes Must be very noticeable,” explains. Amparo Muñoz, a specialist lawyer in cases of sexual assault, sexual violence and trafficking. “The burden of proof is his and if a superficial analysis of any area relating to his behavior is done it may harm him, but the Supreme Court has already ruled against these interpretations. Victims’ reactions to a traumatic event are very diverse”, he said.

During the three days of the oral hearing—Monday, Wednesday and Thursday—the defendants have apparently remained calm, although on occasions they have not been able to hide a certain tension, sources in the room tell EL Pass. Before the second session, Meena’s lawyer admitted that her client was having an affair. In addition to the prison sentence, the prosecutor’s office has requested a supervised release measure for the Galician striker for a period of 10 years and banning him from coming to or communicating with the victim less than 500 meters away. .

Tomorrow Meena’s defense will pronounce its final argument and both the defendants will be able to use their turn to have the last word.

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