PP: The burden of the party is already on Feijou

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PP: The burden of the party is already on Feijou
PP: The burden of the party is already on Feijou Listen to this article

Alberto Nez Feizu has already raised such hopes in this new PP that, before acting as the party’s supreme national leader, he has been careful to ask for help and above all, time. At the end of the conclave, after an hour-long speech in which he dedicated “respect” and common words of interest to practically all the major regions of the country, he went to greet the journalists and continued the struggle for at least a few days. demanded a break. , The press speculated that he would not have them. Feizu clarified that he has already investigated it.

Feijoo feels greatly observed, analyzed and scrutinized from within the party and outside as well as by the government. And he has a fear of “not matching” with the illusion that he thinks he has woken up. His colleagues believe that Feiju is reserved, cautious and distrustful. PP’s new banner launched this Sunday is something other than a message from the XX Congress of Seville about how it already feels the weight of the responsibility that has been given to it and which will grow by the day: “PP preside. It’s not just an honor, it’s a mandate; It is not an act, it is an obligation and a duty; It’s not a fee, it’s a burden.”

The conference of the Ninth Refoundation of the PP came to an end and one of Feizu’s main aides did not hide his enthusiasm: “The plane takes off, it takes off, it takes off and it takes off; PP has a new proven leader, the open wounds have largely healed and his speech already shows a completely different sign with the past.

From the Junta de Andalusia, headed by Juan Manuel Moreno—which Feijo labeled as his “caliph” in the new axis of popular power between Galicia and Andalusia, with a cautious stop in Madrid—also the importance of the leader’s project. The Galician being recognized decides sooner to win and be able to compete well in the next elections in that region. Regional elections in Andalusia are to be scheduled for the first week of October, but everything also depends on the fact that the so-called fizzu effect Has been consolidated and makes some contribution to prevent the inexplicable and uncontrollable Elephant Vox phenomenon in the national PP brand election.

In the PP they acknowledge that right now, in their internal elections, Vox’s initials are rising without the need to nominate candidates in Andalusian and national politics. And neither Moreno nor Feiju want to link their careers and their future governments to the demands of the extreme right, as the popular Alfonso Fernández Manueco is suffering these days to close the date of his investment in Castilla y León. No one in the PP Congress spoke directly about Vox, but the Ultra Party is now in all its equations.

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Feiju, with his restraint and reluctance to specify in the declarations, tried to deliver a speech in Seville this Sunday that could be interpreted as his program, not so much an election as a party. He wanted to show what he liked about running his organization, what he liked and didn’t like in the country’s tense political climate, and what his style could be. It’s almost a standard brand that Feizu defines himself as a focused, responsible, moderate, mature, temperate, thoughtful, calm, predictable politician who doesn’t take offense, stays away from tweets and big headlines. His speech was abuzz with all those cliches. But he specified: “Make no mistake, the moderation is not lukewarm, the dialogue is not presented.”

In the lecture he heard Moreno confess that he was “hungry for change” for Andalusia and Spain, but Feizu stopped worrying. In almost all of his speeches he points out that he is a method man, with a calendar yet to be filled in his head for his teams and for PSOE to form an alternate state and government. Now he wants to present the rest of his organizational chart this Sunday, with the deputy secretary thoroughly agreeing with the regional barons and whom he will give the freedom to complete the roster, but on Monday he will already have his first working meeting with management. wants to organize. Committee in Genoa 13. Continue looking for a home for your family to settle in Madrid after the summer. Before the end of this month, he will solve a very relevant unknown in Galicia, how his vice-president, Alfonso Rueda, will accompany him as the maximum president of the junta. Everything, step by step.

When asked about other decisions to understand in PP these days, such as whether he wants to become a senator by autonomous appointment in order to reach the great debate in Cortés as chairman of the parliamentary groups, Feiju almost always answered. Dia: “I have to think about it.” If questioned about the new spokesmen in Congress, the Senate or Europe, he said: “Let’s study it.” If the question focused on the date of the Andalusian elections, the answer would make Moreno’s distinctive ability clear.

Feijóo wants more places to land in Madrid. But he knows that is not possible. This Sunday he listed and distinguished several possible agreements, agreements, consensus and scenarios for the theoretical understanding he would give to several assemblies with Pedro Sanchez’s executive. There is no general election in sight, but Spain is always pre-campaign. Feijoo hurriedly incorporates these urgency into the national debate.

Feizu’s PP is, according to his own words, a broad government party, with a large majority, autonomist and pro-European, non-federal, which respects institutions and all co-official languages, justice, workers, “who suffer are”, for social agents, unions and small and large companies, “for all families without judging anyone” and for the Royal House and it asserts that “all contributions of the head of state without specifics and without any modification are”. The new PP, and it is considered an advance for Vox’s claims, “is not a hinge with small aspirations.” In the first row of the auditorium were the president of the employers’ union, Antonio Garamendi, the head of the CEOE Foundation, Fatima Banez, the general secretary of the UGT, Pepe lvarez, and right behind, the former socialist mayor of A Corua. , Paco Vazquez. Feiju confesses that he has only one communist friend, Regino Martín, from the ccio de Correos.

Feiju also found words of relief, consolation, gratitude and recognition for both Pablo Casado and José María Aznar and Mariano Rajoy for Pole Donald Tusk, and married Margaritis Schinas, an Asturian for a Greek commissar. He heavily criticized the government of Pedro Sánchez, but because he argued that it was not yet the best according to his criteria, he neither insulted nor disparaged him with the grand formulas used by other popular speakers these days. He was disqualified. He wants the socialist leader to win the election with ambition, but without fanfare or events: “I have 60 tacos, I’m not kidding, I’m not new or unknown or unknown. I am in the last quarter of the match, where the result is decided.” He lowered his tone even more and concluded: “I’m going to do something worth the Spaniards’ trust.” And he almost forgot to close the event.

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