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The PP places itself in the hands of Alberto Nez Feizu to lift the party after the failed phase of Pablo Casado, but the massive internal support of the Galician baron is also a major responsibility. The arrival of the president of Xunta de Galicia to preside over the main opposition party comes with a mandate, as former popular government presidents and regional leaders reminded him of the 20th Extraordinary Congress on Friday in Seville. Feiju has to win and aspire to regain the majority PP, out of 11 million voters cut by Mariano Rajoy and José María Azner. That is the bar that is imposed on the Galician president, an act that seems impossible in the context of the fragmentation of authority and with an opposing vox, which eats 3.6 million votes off the cake. Popular people conspired in the conclave to quickly turn the page on Cassado, without a hint of self-criticism for the errors, and ignore the elephant in the room to the extreme right.

José María Aznar, hailed at the Seville Congress as the architect of the Restoration of the PP, which it now seeks to emulate, was in charge of delegating duties to the new leader. “We don’t play the girl,” he warned, using a word to Feizu in his speech by videoconference from his home in Madrid for being infected with Covid. “We were and are the majority party. We play big.” Ajnar urged the PP not to resign itself to “insurmountable electoral limits” and warned the Galician baron that there was no room for more misadventures after Cassado’s parenthesis: “We cannot fail.”

The Spanish Conservatives have been out of the executive for almost four years now, which they left because of the first motion of censure, which triumphed in democracy because of their corruption problems, and it is taking them a long time to cross the desert. “We must not forget: we are a government party, and we do not aspire to reduce. Either way, because he is the DNA of our party”, reflects Mariano Rajoy, one of the last chairmen of the PP government. The audience enthusiastically applauded him, making it clear that the formation had already forgotten why he left politics. Rajoy emphasized the need for a party with a majority, not just looking to the right, as in Casado’s final phase. “The PP should be the meeting point for the majority of Spanish society,” encouraged Rajoy.

Feiju felt the weight of responsibility in his very relaxed, highly focused attitude during Congress. The message surrounding the mandate of a PP that is once again a winner was repeated among regional leaders, but above all was clear Isabel Diaz Ayusso, a shining star of authority who has stepped aside to take the reins of the Galician baron. Handle the team “We have not met here to win the Congress, but to win the election,” Ayuso warned. The president of Madrid lowers his sword as he confronted Pablo Casado through an internal war, and this is the core of PP’s forced catharsis. But she showed she knows she is an option if a Galician baron, like Casado, doesn’t make it to the finish line.

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Feijóo’s new PP smells like a bipartisan PP, although everything has changed. It is believed in the return of the faces of the old PP and in the fact that the party acts as if the Vox did not exist. Hardly any reference to an autonomous government was heard in Congress with the extreme authority of the first accord issued by the populists in Castilla y León. However, the formation of Santiago Abascal is showing the PP who is in charge, and has delayed the investment of Alfonso Fernández Manueco, scheduled for last week, until after the popular Congress. The objective is that Feizu cannot pretend that the agreement is not with him. The presence of the new Popular Leader at Manueco’s installation is still unknown, but his recently elected Secretary General, Kuka Gamara, welcomed the agreement. “The agreement in Castilla y León guarantees stability and governance,” defended Gamara.

In his first words before the overflowing auditorium – about 4,000 people at the Palacio de Congresos de Sevilla – in the afternoon, the new leader opted for a speech based on liberal rigor and tax cuts and deficit prevention, without innovation. , which in turn improves public services, although it is unclear how they are paid. “It is possible to reduce taxes, it is imperative to improve public services. Increasing investment is imperative, and all this can be done by balancing the public accounts”, Feizu said.

The Galician baron barely left the brushstrokes of his political project. It is reserved for speech this Saturday. He promised to “try” to win, as everyone asked of him. Feizu explained that he wants a live party, “faithful”, open and “not locked in organic walls”. And he considered internal unity to be “non-negotiable.” He promised to work as a team and said he would avoid getting bogged down: “I don’t believe in Adams or the leaders”, but in “common work”. Because “divided and deified, nothing is achieved.”

The Galician president unveiled a relevant position of general coordinator in his new organizational chart on Friday, which falls for the strongman of Andalusia’s president, Juan Manuel Moreno Bonilla. It is Elias Bandodo, his advisor to the Presidency, who becomes number three of PP, in a reflection that the Galician–Andalusian tandem will be important in the new phase. The names of its executive committee include several former Rajoy leaders.

Jose María Aznar intervenes by videoconferencing during the National Congress.Photo: alejandro begs , Video: EPV

PP wants to turn the page in a hurry, as if Cassado never existed, but the president’s funeral pyre was present with him in the body. Some of his faithful were even responsible for remembering that they were still bleeding from the wound. “We are losing a great president of government, Pablo Casado,” recalled a grieving Pablo Montesino. “Dear Pablo, I love you and I will love you for the rest of my life,” New Generation president Beatriz Fanjul said from the stage with a low voice.

Casado’s figure at a convention designed to bury his stage was uncomfortable, and he was seen as out of place. However, the deposed leader announced that he was resigning from his seat in the deputy congress and avoided bloodshed, though he recalled the corruption he inherited when he became the president of the PP. The words with which he fired Casado, who was his mentor, José María Aznar, couldn’t have been more clear about his political death: “Thank you Pablo for your effort, wherever you are.” PP is already looking forward to turning the page around Feijóo.

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