PP Congress in Seville: Feijo consolidates Galician and Andalusian power in new PP executive

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PP Congress in Seville: Feijo consolidates Galician and Andalusian power in new PP executive Listen to this article

The axis of Galicia and Andalusia is the key to Alberto Nez Feizu’s new pp. The popular leader has formed an executive in which the weight of these two autonomies stands, a result of his alliance and closeness with Andalusian President Juan Manuel Moreno Bonilla. There will be five deputy secretaries under Feiju’s direction, of whom Galicia has the most relevant. The General Secretary of the Galician PP, Miguel Telado, and a strongman from Feiju, would be the secretary of the organization, a key position for the party’s control. The weight falls on another Deputy Secretary, Economy, Andalusia, as it will be taken over by the current Finance Minister Juan Bravo on the board. Moreno Bonilla had already placed his right-hand man, Elias Bandado, advisor to the Presidency of the Board, in a prominent position, as general coordinator, thus confirming the Andalusian influence and weight in the new leadership. Meanwhile, Madrid remain in the background and Isabel Diaz Ayuso will only have the regional coordination secretariat, occupied by Pedro Rollan.

Esteban González Ponce is another of his strongmen at the helm, where he will have the position of institutional secretary, his suit. MEP González Ponce, a friend of Feij, also complies with the Valencian quota. Carmen Navarro of Albacete will be the deputy secretary for social policies.

The Galician barons have kept two profiles that are no closer to the positions of greatest biological power, with the intention of suturing internal wounds and giving weight to the baron. The Secretary-General is matched by Pablo Casado’s parliamentary spokesman, Cucá Gamarra (Logrono, 47 years old). Gamara replaces Teodoro García Aguea, one of the PP’s most questioned general secretaries, who took several blisters with the regional renewal. Faizu sent two important messages with Gamra’s election: on the one hand, of inner unity, by raising a weightier figure from the previous leadership. And, on the other hand, the new PP will have women weighing in, something they are asserting in the Galician presidential environment as the passion of the next popular leader.

The second most prominent position in the first ring of power is that of Ilyas Bandado (Málaga, 47 years old) – advisor to the Presidency of the Board and right-hand man of Andalusian President Juan Manuel Moreno Bonilla, as the new general secretary of the party, just below the general secretary. . Bandado will combine his position in Seville with new responsibility in the national PP until the next Andalusian elections. Then it will be dedicated exclusively to Genoa. His promotion to this position has been interpreted as a representation of the new Galician–Andalusian axis in the party, on which the new PP axis would be.

Feijóo has sought balance with all families, and especially with the baronies. The executive committee, the expanded leadership, is created with the profile proposed by the barons strictly respecting regional quotas, but earlier positions on the management committee show that some regional leaders are honored over others. In Castilla y León’s PP delegation, the community’s low weight in the first ring of power has been interpreted as a “punishment of Alfonso Fernández Manueco by Feiju” for his government agreement with Vox.

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“Madrid loses, but Castilla y León even more”, say sources in the region of historical weight to PP. The same sources assure that Feiju has made several wake-up calls to Manueko privately, reprimanding him that he could have negotiated better with extreme authority, as he gave too much, such as Cortes’ presidency.

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