PP Congress: Ayuso: “This Congress is a response to a crisis that should never have existed”

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PP Congress: Ayuso: "This Congress is a response to a crisis that should never have existed" Listen to this article

Everything at the PP Congress in Seville was designed to pretend that the stage of party chief Pablo Casado and the excruciating crisis that ended with his dismissal never existed. After almost a full day, amidst incessant calls to the unit, there is hardly any mention of what happened a month ago. Took the rostrum, along with the previous leader of the popular people, to Isabel Díaz Ayuso, the main hero of that crisis.

The president of Madrid did not want to focus his speech on that tear, contrary to what he had done last time in front of the party leadership, when he asked that those against whom there was any responsibility in the internal investigation should be expelled and he Reached to say: “How much can we afford Rita Barbera in this match?” That message was highly criticized at the time and it seems to have left the record of claiming a count for the fight between Genoa Street and Puerta del Sol. But she couldn’t help but start as soon as she stood in front of the auditorium. , with thunderous applause. “This Congress is the answer to a crisis that should never have existed,” he cried.

While Casado discreetly entered the auditorium where the party’s 20th Congress was being held, he made much acclaim with slow steps among dozens of selfies, and an applause meter contest with Alberto Nez Feizu again on stage, who was previously married. , But this time there was a tie, as Feiju is the party’s new star, the great bet of all barons and intermediate leaders to come out of the hole that was the internal war that began with the resignation of Mariano Rajoy in 2018. And the divisions led them. The goal is to end this unity congress between Soraya Senz de Santamaria and María Dolores de Cospedal and in Seville.

Ayuso made it very clear as soon as she was given the opportunity that she was not going to change. A national discourse focused on opposing Pedro Sánchez from Madrid will continue – “We are a national party, we are in the service of Spain. We cannot be oblivious to what is happening in other areas. The future of Ceuta, Melilla, the Basque Country or Catalonia is decided by all of us”, he justified himself – and so it would be a loose poem under Feiju’s mandate, although it seems clear that things have changed a lot and Weakness led by Casado, which greatly helped Ayuso’s development.

The president of Madrid, who, on the crucial weekend of the crisis, when the decision to remove Casado was made among the barons, told Feiju that he had no intention of competing for the leadership and would therefore have his support, supported at all times. PP’s new chairman, but he didn’t hesitate to launch warnings for the future. “We have gathered here not to win the Congress, but to win the elections. For this we have faith in the strength of Feiju and PP.” This view is in line with a much broader remark in the corridors of Congress: PP is a government party, it is not quiet in the opposition. Casado’s leadership crisis stemmed from internal issues, but also the fact that many in the party feared that he was not the winning candidate. And if they have turned to Feizu, it is because he has an absolute majority of four behind him and they count on him to win the next election, now also helped by the unexpected economic crisis caused by the war in Ukraine.

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If in 1996 José María Aznar’s PP came to power due to corruption-caused Felipismo and PSOE’s deepening crisis, and in 2011 Mariano Rajoy’s PP won an overwhelming absolute majority as the economic crisis drowned Alfredo Pérez Rubalcaba’s PSOE, which are popular now. Confident that the economy is giving them a chance again.

The difference in tone and political line between Feij and Ayus was very clearly seen in the table that both had presidents of Andalusia, Juan Manuel Moreno, Castilla y León, Alfonso Fernández Manueco, Murcia, Fernando López Miras and Ceuta, Juan Jesus. shared with. Living. When he began with the word “communist” consistently in his mouth in anti-Sanchez right-wing speech, Feiju chose to justify his management, and especially his social policies, as a way of saying he was a politician who Space can expand and doesn’t want to be reduced in the nucleus to the right where Ayuso and Casado also move. “The PP has to expand its electoral base, as Feiju has done in Galicia. We have to be a liberal party”, in a nutshell assigned to López Miras, Casado’s most loyal baron and close friend of Teodoro García Eguea, now Feij.

Ayuso was betting on the ruthless opposition that has dominated the PP over Casado’s years. “There is no such communal and incompetent government in the West. There is no government like the Spanish that consists of communists and is supported by terrorists and libertarians. There is no progress or progress. If they don’t know then let them stay away. Stop hurting them so much if they don’t understand. In May, when we proposed the choice between communism and freedom, freedom won,” he assured.

Faced with that speech, Feizu chose to justify the numbers and the management, the style Rajoy used to do, with which he entered the Congress. “At PP we have a solid, serious, fully recognizable management model. A model that shows that it is possible to reduce taxes, improve services is imperative and investment should be increased. And it is possible to balance all the public accounts. Galicia is the only community with all free nursery locations. We have all new or renovated hospitals. Many stories are told in politics, but I come to talk about calculations.

There was no mention for Woakes by any of the regional presidents, PP Barron. Some defended the position in contrast to Santiago Abascal – Ceuta’s Vivas claimed support for Ceuta’s Spanishness from all governments, including Sánchez, and assured that the latest crisis has shown that all Ceutons support the Spanish “what they say Pray”. Pray and tell yourself what. You call” – but no one mentioned it.

In fact, it is one of the most striking issues of Congress and, in contrast to other meetings of the PP in the past three years, as Vox exploded: Abascal’s party is not present at this convention. Alfonso Fernández Manueco, who rules with him, did not even mention this, although he did try to reassure his people in the face of the unprecedented scenario of ruling with extreme authority: “In Castilla y León we will form a solid government. Going and what is going to rule are the values ​​of PP, as it has been in the last 35 years. Congress continues as if nothing had happened and is trying to deny two pieces of evidence: that Casado existed and that when it was all over, Vox would still be a major threat.

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