PP Congress: Ajnar and Rajoy entrust Feizu only wanting to rule “largely”

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PP Congress: Ajnar and Rajoy entrust Feizu only wanting to rule “largely”
PP Congress: Ajnar and Rajoy entrust Feizu only wanting to rule "largely" Listen to this article

The two former presidents of the PP government, José María Aznar and Mariano Rajoy, took advantage of their speeches at the 20th National Congress, aimed at the revival of the party, by delegating duties to the new leader Alberto Nez Feizu: aiming at larger and that formation. return to the path of being able to rule Spain “for a large majority”. Both Aznar and Rajoy, with their own and not so different styles and sympathies, offered all their support, advice and cooperation to Feiju in this new phase, and with extreme harshness against the current executive headed by Pedro Sánchez, who He was disqualified. His “sectarianism, arrogance and potential for division” of the country.

Aznar intervened by videoconferencing from a living room of his home in Madrid as he tested positive for Covid. He spoke for half an hour and on several other occasions about the present in Spain it was the same Ajnar, especially since he left the presidency of the government, in which he had the opportunity to express himself publicly, especially in his party’s actions. The auditorium of the Palacio de Congresos de Sevilla first saw one of the sad videos of those who design the devices for these celebrations. Through the loudspeakers it was heard: “At last, new hopes, finally, new illusions, under a new sky; Finally, new paths to walk”. Then Ajnar came and started roaring.

Mariano Rajoy, at one point in his speech in Seville this Friday.

The former popular president recalled, of course, 32 years ago at the 10th conference of the restoration of the PP, also in Seville, in which the great patron, Manuel Fraga, He tore to pieces the secret letter of preventive resignation written by Aznar whenever he failed in the task assigned to him: to center and widen the party leaning to the right at the time for any opportunity Felipe González and To defeat that PSOE of governance. The motto at the time was “centered for freedom”, as Madrid’s Isabel Diaz Ayusso claimed this Friday in Seville in intervening attacks on Pedro Sánchez without concessions that Aznar himself could have signed. The slogan of this congress is “we will do it well”, which alludes to the fact that if the PP returns to La Moncloa one day, it will solve the problems existing throughout the country, but which stifles the desire to overcome It also reflects as soon as possible the internal crisis now raging between the now depleted team of Pablo Casado and Teodoro García Agee and the autonomous barons and several leaders who did not agree with their strategies.

Aznar recalled the three words with which he summed up the popular Congress sentiment 32 years ago – “generousness, ambition and responsibility” – but he did so to indicate that they were still valid. It was there when the PP’s first president argued that with that leniency to unite and open up more, “to play the big guy and not the girl”, in the context of Mus’s game, it would be possible to revisit the next. Ambition not to resign for defeat before elections. Aznar reclaimed his idea, which he reiterated when activated, that “Spain is not on the left and the taboo that the left is invincible” must be broken. The former popular leader insisted: “We cannot fail and we will not fail.” A demand that was later also related to moral debt with party militants killed by ETA.

The former popular president also wanted to remotely mention the recent problems in the party, which ended the political career of Casado, who later announced that he was resigning from his seat. Aznar added his appeal to ask “generally” to now “look ahead and close the wounds and protect the affection.” Aznar named Casado and thanked him for the move he took in his day to present himself at the Express Congress of Primorye in June 2018, “when it wasn’t easy”, and for his “attempts to counter the government”. ” also for. Sanchez.

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In his acknowledgment chapter, Ajnar also drew attention to Feizu, for praising his career, and for offering him his “unreserved” collaboration. The former president retrieved Fraga’s view that his resignation letter was destroyed “without patronage or guardianship” and with his “unique and inimitable” style to indicate to Feiju that he had to submit that letter. Never write down, but issue a general warning: “This bet is and should be an irrevocable bet”.

attack on government

Ajnar, yes, did not forget to attack the current government for appointing Feiju to rule as soon as possible. “Spain needs to be saved from this political ship”, he insisted, adding: “There is no future for Spain in populism and radicalism, which offer only noise and no solution”. The current president of the FAES assured that the current executive provides only “consonants for the failure and breakdown of the state and the nation”, and warned that it is now more necessary than ever “that Spain ceases to be the exception, that It does not return to be, that we will never be again”.

The auditorium of the Palacio de Congresos in Seville, which placed Ajnar on the throne in 1990, listened to him by videoconference and applauded him several times. Also in the front row were Feiju and his new main ally, former President Mariano Rajoy. Organizers did not allow Pablo Casado inside, who was reserved in a separate room until his speech. Rajoy spoke personally to the auditorium and perhaps because of that, or because of his tone, or because of his distinctive humour, because of his satire, he drew applause which was different from that of Ajnar.

Rajoy, initially, apart from reiterating the respect the party had accorded him several times as its president and in various positions, he also wanted to emphasize that in these nearly four years he was voluntarily removed from the political front. Is. , their main task has been to “interfere as little as possible”. He didn’t quote anyone, but everything made sense. The Galician statesman said to have the same affection that he has for Feij from the militancy, praising his status as leader and asking him “with common sense” to all those who contribute to the party. something positive”.

The last chairman of the PP government wanted to recall, even if normally and not coincidentally, some of his colleagues who had been removed from politics in recent years, especially after the 2018 Congress: “They decided to maintain unity in unity.” abandoned. Party, disciplined and loyal, in difficult circumstances”. He didn’t say anything else, but he was also very understanding.

Rajoy confirmed to the Congress that the new PP already had a leader, Feizu, who is also a party in the reunification phase, and advised it “no longer modify its principles and values, nor ideals and beliefs”. does”, and also does not open a “debate on what has already been shared”. What the two former presidents agreed on was the maximum questioning of Pedro Sanchez’s executive. Rajoy blamed him for unemployment, deficits and inflation being “uncontrollable and out of control”, and warned his Galician student that it would now be his turn to “save Spain from bankruptcy again”, as he understood that What happened to them?

In the chapter to take credit, Rajoy likens the “fight” over the crisis in 2017 with the independence movement that led to Catalonia’s interference with Article 155 of the constitution, and how it has now been managed until the pandemic. And he attributed all the evils of the current executive to its “internal division, its localism, its epidemic of manism and childishness.” The former president of Galician saved the title of his latest memoir, adult policy, To predict that “the time for recess is over” and affirm that “Spain needs another government of adults, not lurch and fudge.”

The portrait, which looked less disastrous but was as harsh as Aznar’s, also led Rajoy to “commission Feiju to rebuild a majority government party so that he could rule again, because We cannot aspire for less”. And he predicted: “It’s within reach, as much as we do.”

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