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Philosopher Peter Sloterdijk likened the current situation to a giant repair shop, a complex network destined to fix defects and defects that never cease to appear in increasingly complex societies. He always gets caught in the failures or mishaps in which he is involved and for which he has to compulsorily compensate. Most of them are almost never produced by him. Leading Over, Feedback; Instead of solving problems in a static way, it “fixes” them. Of course, provisionally, because they are still entangled. And immediately you have to deal with new people in a quick way. Think of the pandemic, or what is happening now as a result of the war. You have to imagine that the minister is wearing a blue overalls and has a tool in his hand.

Add to this what is meant by the increasing Europeanization of national policies or the ever-necessary adjustments to the exigencies of the markets. Or, as is required in any democracy, the always-on-top opposition and constant media oversight, which forces us to weave and open stories to give a clear order to political action or justify unforeseen events along the way. Is. A titanic task, because at times it is impossible to hide the fudge, such as the famous letter to the King of Morocco.

This reality collides with elegant political descriptions wishing to establish the functional distribution of power, the classification of public policies or, in short, the evaluation of their performance based on given ideological clichés. Where I want to reach is the nature of this complex regime in which we are immersed, which we continue to see through the blinders of traditional political categories, such as talking of a “far-right social backlash”. Could Woakes be behind the most unruly sector of road workers? well of course. He will take advantage of any loophole the system provides to destabilize the government and gain prominence. Not the problem here; It remains in diabolical reconstructions of the crisis of many productive sectors, still orphans of solutions, or classic interest arbitration schemes. There is no social conflict on the right and the other on the left, but rather areas that are more or less consistent with established social and political arbitration schemes. remember the crisis yellow vest. By the way, it also arose from the increase in fuel prices.

In moments of discontent, democracy flourishes, but it cannot be confronted with other simple decisions, with the automatism of old reactions. It is curious: the more complex politics becomes, the simpler it becomes to reflect it in daily ideological controversy. Known reality has been turned inside out like a sock. And, while we are looking for effective solutions to put everything back together, new communication strategies are needed, a new pedagogy when describing it. Populism doesn’t just happen; It is a visceral response to a whole range of unresolved problems and anxiety caused by the loss of comfortable distinctions and values. It is destabilizing as it seeks to regain a world we have already lost: borders, ethnic homogeneity, return to statehood, etc. The best response is to accept the data of this new reality once and for all and act accordingly.

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