Pop Up Art, a contemporary art showcase in the center of Madrid | Madrid

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Pop Up Art, a contemporary art showcase in the center of Madrid |  Madrid
Pop Up Art, a contemporary art showcase in the center of Madrid | Madrid Listen to this article

Two wooden sculptures reminiscent of Julia, the most famous female head in Plaza de Colón, share a showcase with the silhouette of an iron girl with a red ball in her hands. On the one hand, the Mallorcan Vicente Roscubas, who began his career in the seventies and, on the other, the young Lebanese promise Nayla Kai Saroufim, who is sweeping London galleries with her metal pieces. These established artists and the new generations go hand in hand in an exhibition space in the heart of Madrid dedicated to the world of contemporary art. This Thursday the first edition of pop up art, a room where interior designers, collectors and lovers of the world of decoration can enjoy first-hand the latest trends in the art market.

pop up art born from the experience of three women —Rocío Padura, Eugenia Fernández-Shaw and Rocío Galatas— in the world of decoration. For more than a decade they have organized Vintage & Chic, an itinerant space in the Salamanca district where antique dealers and auction houses display their items, giving them the opportunity to gain a second life. “We wanted to set up an art fair that has beauty as its protagonist, where different generations of creators more or less known to the public are mixed,” explains Padura. The curious who pass through number 3 of the central Serrano street until January 30 will be able to find this original experiment, which welcomes them from the sidewalk with a sculpture by Iván Gómez Aparicio.

Among the young proposals stands out the Helarea gallery work. Inés Luca de Tena was studying art in London when she became aware of the contrast between the sales of works of art by the big auction houses and galleries and those of emerging artists, forced to literally sell their creations on the street. To promote the work of the latter, he decided to dedicate himself to meeting the needs of individuals and interior design professionals, who commission exclusive works from artists for their clients. The average age of its artists does not exceed 35 years, and the creations that they exhibit in pop up art They are among the most original.

Gloria Estefanell from Barcelona has decided to combine her past as a professional athlete with her present as a painter. In his work he captures each movement with energy and verisimilitude: the miniature dolls that he reproduces while practicing different disciplines —with a predilection for winter sports— emerge from the canvas thanks to a generous use of acrylic that gives his paintings three-dimensionality. The most famous buildings in the capital are the protagonists of two paintings by Javier Madrid, an abstract artist who fuses balance and grandeur in his work. Some black and white sketches of the Carrión building in Callao —better known as the Capitol building, with its iconic neon sign—, and of the stretch of Gran Vía that reaches Plaza de España stand out against a neutral background, revitalized by colorful brushstrokes.

Ignacio Scarpellini, head of the Gaudí Gallery, poses with the works of the artist Vicente Roscubas.
Ignacio Scarpellini, head of the Gaudí Gallery, poses with the works of the artist Vicente Roscubas. bald elm

With its almost 50 years of experience, works of abstract expressionism, sculptures and photography have passed through the Gaudí Gallery. Its director, Ignacio Scarpellini, is constantly searching for art that manages to impress and transmit emotion. “In the world of contemporary art, anything goes. Everything is very valuable, as long as it has a message and is not superficial”, he reflects. In addition to the creations of contemporary artists such as Roscubas and Kai Saroufim, they participate in pop up art with works by the masters Eduardo Chillida and Antoni Tàpies.

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reunion with nature

In addition to the galleries, the exhibition space opens its doors to independent artists, such as the decorator Alberto Ribera, who exhibits the result of a year of study and meditation in his country house in a small town in Segovia. He took advantage of the confinement to get away from the city and reconnect with his childhood: born into a family of several generations of artists, he spent hours in a room “to do things” in his parents’ house. “It was a room where we had everything: watercolors, wood, fabrics… everything that could be used to create. During the confinement in Segovia I recreated this space and re-imagined”, comments the artist.

From the reunion with nature —of which he never declared himself a big fan, despite having a country house— Los Arboles was born, sculptures enclosed in Plexiglas boxes that recreate Segovian vegetation miniaturized and reinvented from branches and bushes . “I learned to observe the change of the seasons, the diversity of colours, the sunsets and the thousand forms of flowers… aspects of nature that I had taken for granted until then”, confesses Ribera, grateful for having had the opportunity to recreate .

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