Police investigate a hostess club in Jaén who offered 1,000 euros to the woman “most men get”

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Police investigate a hostess club in Jaén who offered 1,000 euros to the woman “most men get”
Police investigate a hostess club in Jaén who offered 1,000 euros to the woman "most men get" Listen to this article

Archive image of a hostess club in Galicia.
Archive image of a hostess club in Galicia.Oscar Coral

National police are investigating a nightclub in Jane for launching an ad on the social network last week in which it says it will provide 1,000 euros of “gratification” to the woman who fucks the most men this month. It is not clear whether he refers to a local worker or a woman. The agents’ investigation aims to clarify possible offenses of involvement in prostitution and discrimination against women, for which they will refer the case to court. In addition, the Andalusian Institute of Women (IAM) requested the withdrawal of the advertisement, which has condemned it. Before the Andalusian Observatory of Non-Sexist Advertising, This paper has tried to get in touch with those responsible for the Hostess Club, but has not received any response.

The company has withdrawn ads from the social network in the past few hours. However, this will not stop him from exposing himself to the clearance he has received from the police investigation. The Non-Sexist Advertising Observatory has produced an opinion urging it to withdraw the ad, although the body does not have the capacity to approve. On the other hand, Feminist Collective 8M Jaén He has called for the involvement of institutions to stop this practice, which, in his opinion, is “based on exploitation and exploitation of women”.

According to María José de la Torre, program advisor for AMI in Jane, the Andalusian Women’s Institute condemns the abusive and discriminatory treatment of women, which it depicts as merely sexual objects. They also demand that the government deputy representative in Jain should ensure that the rights of women are not being violated in the said club.

“Pimps and brothels out of Jaén”, are the words with which Feministas 8M Jaén leads the complaint before the announcement spread on social networks by the Los Cabelas club from the Jaén capital. In the letter, the group shows its “strongest disapproval of the ‘legal’ practice masked as a ‘profession’ and is based on the abuse and exploitation of women, in most cases in a vulnerable position.” “A practice”, they continue, “that has been developed with absolute permission and lack of institutional controls of any kind, whether it is sanitary, financial, legal, labor or police, and has developed into a traditional and good practice.” Even without implicit moral control of sorts. Institutions in our society, which are in charge of other customs and usages, which are far less offensive against the dignity and integrity of the people. ,

Feministas 8M Jaén collectively assures that there is a serious circumstance in this case that “brokering on social networks has been shown to be coarse and freely, in all its thrifty vulgarity, encouraging the use of prostitution and prioritizing its practice. ” And after warning that such advertisements and actions “have such negative effects on the education of youth and on the fight for equality between men and women and the end of sexist violence”, they seek to defend and ensure the institutions responsible for solicit feedback from women’s rights.

The club that launched this controversial announcement on the social network was closed for several days last summer after shooting,

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