Pokémon Go creator Niantic releases augmented reality pet game ‘Peridot’

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Pokémon Go creator Niantic releases augmented reality pet game 'Peridot'
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Niantic, the company behind the popular Pokémon Go game for iOS devices announced this week The next release of their next Mosaic, a virtual pet game called “Peridot.”

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In Peridot, users will care for, nurture and raise virtual pets, much like the modern iPhone version of Tamagotchi. The pets are called “peridots” or “dots” for short, and players will have them from birth.

After thousands of years of dormancy, peridots (or dots for short) wake up to a very different world than that world, and will need our help to save them from extinction.

As you embrace this experience, you will be promoting your own peridots. These are creatures that feel so real, you’ll love every moment of raising them from birth to adulthood. As you explore the world together, you’ll learn more about your furry new friends, care for and bond with them while playing, and work with other players to diversify your species.

Players will take care of their Peridot, take them on excursions, greet, play games, discover locations, discover treasures hidden around the world, take photographs and unlock new Peridot archetypes through breeding.

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Like other Niantic games, there’s a real-world component to Peridot, with augmented reality versions of pets that can be flown into the real world to roam and play.

Niantic is launching Peridot in select markets in the near future, and the company plans to replicate the gaming experience during the trial period. Those who would like more information can sign up for the email newsletter Niantic’s website,

Niantic is best known for developing Pokémon Go, but the company also developed the Ingress and now-defunct Harry Potter: Wizards Unite game that proved unpopular with users. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite closes on January 31, 2022.

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